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November 1, 2017     Chester Progressive
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November 1, 2017

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017 7B Be the change that you want to happen is good motto WI-mm I STAND hope as I realized that "we" fact, shame, which is a enemy, lashing out at others that you can use every day. constantly searching for, out not just "me" are slowly,scientifically proven method or beating ourselves up For the "I need to know' there, only to fred it is ANNE GAUDEr oRen painfully, shifting from of survival, thrived. It's okay internally, people, like me, in easy already nested in me, waiting LIFE COACH one way of evolving to be told to have sellesteem, We all have this voice, it is scientific language, we can for me to trust into and emotionally into another,but if you were compared there to keep us "safe" but switch from the survival evolve with the process. Why Ii like many of us have Many of us were raised as negatively to Betty down the the voice is oRen harsh, operating system in .the not investigate this discussed, debated, disagreed children in a culture using street, your sellesteem goes critical and constant, brain to the mammalian possibility for yourself?. and worried about the uncertainty of our collective shame and blame as an out the window. Comparison However, we can work to nurturing system by using Sell compassion has ability as a country to come accepted method to make us exacerbates bullying, oneaccept and change this part soft caring touch, like changed many people in "behave" "be socially up-manship, competition, of us. This is moving into the putting our hands on our deeply connective ways, so together to respectfully acceptable" able "to fit in." "better thans." If we don't work that many are hearts, holding our own why not go for it? The accept the diversities of race, These methods, along withhave any knowledge about participating in today to hands (I do this in the dentist benefits are life changing gender religions and class rigid gender roles, rigid ideas our feelings or the skills to create the shift that isoffice) when you feel afraid, and community changing. rather than separate, vilify, about sexual expression are work with our painful needed. This work, also Of course, this is just a quick This is the change that we shame, and generally slowly crumbling, due to emotions -- then violence in grounded in neuroscience, is example; there are many are all asking for, yes it takes undermine our common many diverse influences. So its many forms is the painful, related to our mammalianmore practices that work for commitment, practice and humanity, our bigger family, as the shame/blame often explosive expression, attachment system of caring your benefit and the benefit laughter and it starts right that we belong to. This seems almost overwhelming doesn't parenting/society style is Yes, it is all part of the and nurturing. I am talking of others, here with me, and you, and it, too many words, too much changing, what is taking its "flight, fight freeze" about a conscious shift into It is a practice, and you and you. work. place? reactions triggered by self compassion and caring, changes you in "I long as does every I have felt that For awhile, it was the sell signals from the brain toThese are inter-related skills, heart-warming beneficial human being to be at home esteem movement. I keep us alive. It worked inherent in every one ofns ways. Compassion is based wherever I f'md myself." hopelessness and despair too. remember that from the pretty well in prehistoric and with practice, we can in the three principles ofMaya Angelou. Shadows of my childhood 1990s. But sellesteem does times, because the human develop them, as individuals paying attention, being Check and upbringing weaved into this not have a solid core base species is still here. The and as communities. These aware that you are not alone, research the work of Tara hopelessness, inviting me to that gives us a feeling of danger has changed its form, relational practices have many other are hurting too, Brach, Sharon Salzburg, investigate these thoughts safety (my opinion) because and lives in us, through the been around for a long time. and practicing kindness for Kristin Neff, Brene Brown and emotions as a bigger it did not give us a grounded internalized voice of theGrounded research has ourselves and others. I and many other authors and collective history. I emerged method to work with shame, "judge" or "inner critic" that proven that they work, and wanted this to be the teachers on compassion, sell with a grounded sense of judgment and criticism. In can make us our own worstthey are simple methods overnight fix I've been compassion and kindness. Plumas Charter School wants to stay on campus 1 more year WHEm I STAND subject it to scrutiny, there are some serious PUSD board looks more than classrooms at Quincy fifth grade at the old Quincy As a PCS parent and challenges presented by this willing to create. Elementary that had to beDrug location next year! PAUL VAUGHN member of the community Ipatchwork facility schemeI have been in contact with closed recently and/0r bring Look him in the eye and PCS PARENT am alarmed at PUSD's that has been forced on the PUSD board. I was told in a portable for a year.explain it to him. It doesn't decision not to offer a Plumas Charter School that this was a business There are probably dozensfeel comfortable, does it? The I am writing in regards to one-year lease for the children, families, faculty, decision and that I should of workable plans that are PUSD Board has made it Plumas Charter School's Pioneer site to PCS for the staff and administration by not take it personally, beyond my ability to imagine clear to me that they are forced removal from the 2018/19 academic year. The the PUSD board. Many of the Needless to say, education is that don't treat some of our comfortable enough to let Quincy Pioneer Campus byoptions for PCS sites for next challenges can be mitigated a public good and should not community's children as this be our community's PUSD for the 2018/19 school year went out in a letter to in a positive way. Others, yet be treated as a business,second class citizens. Inexplanation, because, year. First, I am amazed at families on Oct. 10, and to be imagined, will likely be Nevertheless, the business terms of administrative business. Ouch! PCS administrators who are include: addressed on an ad-hoc basis aspect was described as aspace, my understanding was There is so much more to in the midst of planning for a 1. 493 Main Street (the old that will stress faculty, staff result of overcrowding at the that PUSD would be welcome say, but to keep it brief, my new campus, most likely Quincy Drug Building). and most importantly, Quincy Elementary campus to remain in their current plea in this letter is directed ready for the 2019/20 school 2. 80 Main Street (the old students. As guardians of our and the need for offices leased from Plumas to the community of families year, and at the same time DMV/Head Start Building).community's education administrative space. I County so that there would in Plumas County who are working to ensure that the 3. 455 Main Street (wheresystem, the PUSD board understand the board's be less pressure to force PCS not comfortable with having 2018/19 year is as successful Environmental Alternatives should feel compelled to concern over space at Quincy to vacate Pioneer for PUSD to make such an explanation as possible for the 180 plus is now). withdraw these potential Elementary. There are many administration, to any of our town's children. students and their families 4. 535 Lawrence Street difficulties for the 2018/2019 ways to address this now that I think it would be worthI put this to you. We are all in enrolled at Quincy PCS. (where Mountain Mattress is school year. While I havePUSD is sitting on $50 considering how anyone this together. Write to the Their job is to treat PUSD's now). faith that PCS will survive, I million in taxpayer revenue, might explain to an PUSD Board and ask them to removal of PCS as a done5. Tulsa Scott Building at the have deep concerns about One possible path forward8-year-old why he is being extend the Pioneer Campus deal. I respect that Fairgrounds and 80 Main potential clisruptions inthat minimizes educational forced out of a Very nicelease to Plumas Charter completely. However, our job Street. learning, never to be disruptions for our facility that he has beenSchool for the 2018/19 school as a concerned public is to It should be pretty clear to recovered, that may result community's children would attending for over four years, year. Help them decide to be treat the removal as onethe most casual observer that from the circumstances the be to upgrade the two You son, will be attending the heroes they can become! option among many, and to LETTERS, ! ....... from page 6B Its labor supplies the Rights. But the constitution tolerable. It's not, but inthe Italian dictator, whom 3. California's shameful product which constitutes ... has repeatedly been comparison to the he characterizes as the 'most status of having the the most important portions subverted and circumvented nightmare sought by forceful as well as the nation's highest rate of In response of commerce ... These and the Bill of Rights gutted Bannon, Trump, and the brainiest man in public life functional poverty (nearly In an Oct. 18 letter, products are peculiar to... by godless anti-Americans, criminally wealthy, the in all of Europe. 25 percent of Californians Beckwourth's fan of the tropical regions, and... Our incurable mortal traditional GOP politicians "'True, Mussolini is a 38 million live below the Confederate traitors none but the black race can wound is not political but look like decent people ... dictator,' says Dr. Huff, 'but poverty line), largely due referenced "The South bear exposure to the tropical spiritual. Only the grace of and it is those GOP that's what the country to crushing costs of housing Under Siege 1830-2000" by sun. A blow at slavery is a God found alone in the politiciar s that need stand needed. [The people] have and energy and its widest Frank Common (actually blow at... civilization." Gospel of the crucified death up and fight for their party unbounded confidence in income disparities. Frank Conner) to legitimize Support of the and glorious bodily and the nation, it is the Mussolini, have given him 4. California has more his extreme views. Conner Confederacy is support of resurrection of the LordRepublicans themselves who unlimited power and he will than 33 percent of the has several published works, racism, white supremacy, Jesus Christ will raise to life will be most effective in this go down in history as one of nation's wellare recipients. often in "Southern and treason -- not evendead men and nations, fight, the most remarkable men 5. California is home to Mercury," a magazine of the remotely honorable or Which Gospel saves us from A couple of GOP Senatorsthat nation has ever 12 percent of the nation's white supremacist group, noble, the righteous wrath and are already doing so. More produced.'" population, but startlingly Sons of Confederate Piers Strailey judgment of God, for Godof them need to speak out. I remember an interesting 21 percent of the nation's Veterans. He has asserted Quincy was in Christ reconciling It's time to fight this comment made by Bing homeless population. that African-Americans the world to Himself. insanity. And, it's time to Crosby, in a mid-1930s 6. Unfunded pension have low IQs, that they're "a Political solutions Michael Johnsontake the government backHollywood magazine that I liabilities. It's unfortunate childlike people" and that Abraham Lincoln said, Portola from the rich, from the used to sell door to door as a that future generations, school desegregation, the "History is not history racists, the fascists, the pre-teen. When Crosby was unable to vote today, will Civil Rights Act of 1964 and unless it is the truth." Time to leave autocratic traitors to the asked whom he admired the bear the costs of many the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Another has stated: "What is For all you right-wing, U.S. Constitution. We have most in the world, he enacted entitlements and are unconstitutional. Really? true is not new and what is perpetually angry naysayers to take them all down hard, unhesitatingly said "Benito boondoggle projects. Even Checking facts: new is not true." God does (you know who you are, and so they stay down for Mussolini." before those young folks The South was clearly the not change. He is the same so does everybody else), it generations. I don't pretend Hitler idolized Mussolini can vote, our Golden State Civil War's aggressor, yesterday, today and might be nice if you hadto assume that once they are and trembled in his presence schools are on track to attacking Fort Sumter on tomorrow. Because God does more compassion for people crushed they will remainat the beginning of their force substantial budgetary April 12, 1861. Three days not change, we may learn that don't share your views that way in perpetuity. They relationship, cutbacks on core education later, Lincoln began raising from ancient Israel. God and values, or hck thereof, won't. There are always Immediately following the spending, as public schools an army to quell the sent many prophets and I'm sure, if you don't like those genetically defectives 2016 election, I found aaround California are rebellion. Troops engaged in remedial punishments towhat's happening in that, in spite of being a foolish prediction on bracing for a crisis driven skirmishes in Virginia in warn the people and their California, you have themember of a social species, Facebook that Trump might by skyrocketing worker June prior to the Battle of leaders to turn back to Him resources to move out of the become sociopathological, go down in history as our pension costs that are Bull Run in July. and avoid utter destruction, state, whether from nature or greatest president, expected to force districts Secession is not But when warned, false Please, feel free to do just nurture; likely from some During our 1959-1960 to divert billions of doUars. specifically mentioned in prophets answered, "Thethat. unfortunate combination of winter stay in Milan, my7. California has become the Constitution, but Temple, The Temple, The Crikit Smither both, just as we are all the wife and I were shown the a lawless "Sanctuary" Constitutional scholars Temple." Meaning God Portola result of that chance exact spot where Mussolini state, ignoring federal laws overwhelmingly agree that would never allow His combination. This is not to was strung up by his and the U.S. Constitution. our nation is a "perpetual Temple in Jerusalem, inThird party say the situation is hopeless, unmentionables by the Question: Who will the union." The result of the which His Name and It appears that the first With education and Italian people. California Attorney Civil War and 1869's Texas v Presence dwelt, to be viable third party in empathy, many potential Salvatore Catalano General defend, Kate White Supreme Court destroyed. But rather than America may be an sociopaths can be saved, and Taylorsville Steinle, (murdered in San decision, which prohibits tul"ning back to God the extremist, outlandish, us from them. I hope this is Francisco by an illegal "unilateral secession" by a people and their rulersspawn of the crazy portion of possible for at least some of California alien) or her murderer, state, bear that out. If retorted, "We shall certainly the GOP. Steve Bannon isthese problem children. California's progressiveJuan Francisco anyone or any state could do whatever we please and frequently bloviating about Jim Euanspolitics has lead us to a Lopez-Sanchez? Does he secede at will, there would not what the Lord says." how he's going to bring Quincy long list of predictabledefend the American be no United States of Jeremiah 44:16,17 down the 'establishment' of failures: unaffordable citizen or the Mexican America today. God did destroy the the Republican Party. The Mussolini housing, energy costs, alien? The CSA was never Temple, Jerusalem and GOP has already been In a magazine printed inpoverty, welfare, 8. Remember, if you sovereign. It was not Judah in 586 B.C. As a heinous in its pursuit of 1926, called "Hollywood homelessness, and can't make a respectable recognized by any nation and roaring young lion tears his policies harmful to the Magazine," there are some unfunded pension liabilities: living, you can always it never had sovereign prey, so the Lord tore in average American, in favor comments about a Dr. Huffs 1. Affordable housing grow and sell marijuana control of the territory it shreds that generation of of the obscenely rich. And trip to Europe at that time. continues to be out of the (drugs) to progressives and sought to usurp. The Union ungrateful, unrepentant and yet, for some of the greedy, Here is a partial coverage of reach of most citizens, their children in Plumas could not "invade" its own incorrigible rebels andthe policies of the GOP do the magazine's article on Dr. particularly for low andCounty. land. reprobates, not go far enough to crush Huff's trip through Italy: moderate-income families. Half of California citizens To glorify Confederate Most Americans think orus, and enrich further the "More progress is being 2. California's energy costs are subsidized in some ancestry is to agree with hope God will spare this already rich. That's the core made in Italy, in Dr. Huffs for transportation fuels and manner -- yet they think declarations of secession, here-to-fore God-blessed of the emerging third party, opinion than any other electricity continue to be the they are victims. such as Mississippi's: "Our land. We place our trust and the party that makes thecountry in the old world, most expensive in the Trent 8axton position is thoroughly confidence in the U.S. conventional Republican And this is due to a large country and will rise further Lake Davis identified with ... slavery... Constitution and Bill of Party actually look extent, he says, to Mussolini, in November.