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August 30, 1962     Chester Progressive
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August 30, 1962

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The Chester Progressive Thursday, .Aug. 30, 1962 Chester the first one, and therefore Russia is entitled to be a step ahead in testing and perfecting the bomb• It has been suggested, probably with much truth, that Cuba, after Fidel Castro delivered it to the Communists, experienced a more and more sagging economy plus mounting unrest Plan Of Voluntary Insurance Adopted By School District In action taken August 8 the governing board of the Plumas Unified School District contracted Field Event (Continued From Page 1) went to Clyde Reason, Cromberg; Flora Turri, Flournoy; .and Jim Alford, Red Bluff. Right on the heels of the horse CHURCH PLANS DINNER Church families and their friends of the First Baptist church of Greenville are having a pot luck dinner in the church rec- reation room (tonight) Thursday August 30, beginning at 6:30. show was the chef call from ate Published Every Thursday at Chester, Calif. among the people who have come to realize with Seaboard Life Insurance Tony Alvares. Pit beef barbecue, tion, brought members up to ERNEST L. POWELL, Editor and Publisher that it will take more than a hate-America Company through its servicing beans with salads and cakes pre- an activities of the state associa" agent, Murray Insurance Com- pared by the wives and CowBelles/tion and some of the state prob- Enteredasin2ndtheclassPOStmailOffiCematterat Chester policy to fill their stomachs• In brief, there pany, Quincy, for a modified vol- of the three associations, were lems. was every prospect that Communist plans to untary plan of pupil accident in-lhighlights of the occasion. [ -&apos;--" Subscription $3.00 Per Year make Cuba a showplace for pro-Communist surance for the 1962-63 school In the afternoon Lyman Wil- r I • • lyear This type plan relieves the HESTE ro amnda and a jumpm off lace for Com- . • .... ,lard gave a historical sketch on P P  g P [district of premium costs winch m ASKING FOR TROUBLE munist aggression were going to die aborning, t 1961-62 were $8,300. theter area.St°verTheranchreportandshowedthe CheS-that H £ A T R There is the anecdote about the youngster had to have help---help in feeding the] This plan gives parents the op- when Charles Stover took over • . tion of insuring their children for who, frightened by a belligerent dog, was Cuban neople and heln m keenm them under l ......... the present ranch in 1903 from his Show Starts at 7 p.m. . r r r  acclaents occurring m remuon to mother, the ranch had been in Phone 258-3231 soothed, "Don't you know a barking dog control, llschool activities. Parents may also the family 4t vears. never bites? ':Yes," he said, "I know it, but Whatever the reason, this situation must[ cheese to take out 24-hour cover- " ....... • • • •  i age Premiums are $2.60 for clam- Gordon Van Vleck, president does the dog know it?" inevitably be an explosive one. Suppose some'enta r and 3 10 for "unior senior of"the California Cattlemen's As- Friday & Saturday - Y  • J - August 31, Sept. 1 There has been so much prodding by military plane, piloted by an over enthus-high school students. Twenty-four sciation, said, "Since dual grad- ing became a reality on Julv I HELL IS FOR Communists here and there throughout the iastic Cuban, or--who knows?--perhaps a hour coverage is $12 per student and carries on for period of one HEROES for all grades, a world that most of us don't worry about it any more, but the fact is it could cause the out- break of a shooting war at almost any time. Just last week it became known publicly that massive supplies, including military, are being shipped from Russia to Cuba, which is right at Uncle Sam's back door. Shipment of materials has been accompanied with impor- tation of 3,000 to 5,000 "technicians." A number of excuses may be urged in be- half of Russia, none of them making sense except to a Communist. Thus it may be said that around some of the borders of Rus- sia are small countries which have been given some American military aid to help them pre- serve their freedom, and this is essentially what Russia is doing in the case of Cuba. This of.course ignores the fact the United States immediately after World War II adopted a policy of not opposing Russian imperialism, with the result the Communists enslaved Po- land, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and a lot of other countries and would have continued gobbling up the rest of the world if U. S• policy hadn't been changed. By the same token it ignores the fact the United States wrested Cuba from Spanish imperialism in 1898 and presented Cuba with its independence--no strings attached. The United States could have kept Cuba in its own possession, or it could have conquered it at any time. Anyone who sees a similarity between Cuba's relation- ship with the United States and, say, Turkey's relationship with Russia is completely un- realistic. It makes about as much sense as the Kremlin's argument that the United States invented the atom bomb and made and tested I Licensed Electrical Contractor SANTONI Russian, attacks an American ship on the high seas. Or a U. S. military installation on Cuba; there is one. Or something or somebody on the coast of Florida. Or suppose such an incident is arranged, somehow, by one or more anti-Castro Cubans. It is much easier to get a war started than to get it stopped Accidents during school time, at school - sponsored events after school or on Saturdays, and while going directly to or from school, are covered. Athletic injuries ex- cepting football (a different policy) are also covered. Twenty-four l hour coverage excludes football, i but covers all accidents at home On the night of February 15, 1898, the ins wen as at school. .... ', Coverage includes a maximum U. S. Battleshm Maine was sunk m Havana . .... ....... ; ........ !a,O00 for hospital and medical rlaroor With me loss oI zou men it nasbl • I "lls, $150 dental bills, death and st wha dlsmembelment rovlsmns f never been satisfactorily determined ju t "  ' p "" , or a ............ • _,{period of 52 weeks after date of caused me explosion wmcn sank tins snip, yet in'ur  " • . j y. some /imitations relatin- the incident was enough to start a war between to medical and hos-ital x ra " • p , - y ann [ofhce wmts are included the Umted States and Spain• All that is really. 1'" ' " ' in the known is that the situation in Cuba at the time percy. i 'un inzormation" will be distri- was very explosive, that Cuba was a land of lbute d by the schools Sept 4 bitter unrest and severe repressive measures--l opening day. The plan calls" for l submitting premiums to the school which it is again today, l which in turn will send them to On June 18, 1914, in the Balkan city oflthe Company. The company will Sarajevo, an assassin murdered the Archduke issue participating parents a policy Francis Ferdinand and his wife. Not very important, one might think---only two lives lost--yet it resulted in Wdrld War I, which really had been in the making for many years. On the night of August 31, 1939, a band of Germane dressed in Polish army uniforms attacked a German radio station near Gleiwitz on the German-Polish border, left several corpses on the place, recited a defiant speech in Polish into the microphone and fired sev- eral shots that could be heard over the air. This was used by Adolph Hitler as an excuse of insurance. Claims will be hand- led by the parents and doctors and hospital. In the past school year, 276 accident claims involving 9 per cent of district pupils, were filed. The average claim payment was $45, although two claims exceed- led $1,000. The district feels that I , ths low-cost insurance, while optional, is a bargain to consider. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mabee of San Jose visited at the Mathews home and also took in the Coun- ty Fair which they very much enjoyed, especially the beautiful to trigger World War II, for which he had :grounds and the array of year, the California Cattlemen's Association will study the effects of the program and will be pre- pared to present to the USDA the results of the study." In reporting on Proposition 4 he said the bill was designed to protect agricultural people from high assessments resulting from subdivision encroachments. The cattle people have responded very generously to Proposition 4, he said. Waiter Rodman, manager of the Beef Council, made a re- port on that organization's acti- vities, saying they had tied pro- motion in cosely with related in- dustries and products. Willian McMillan, executive vice-president American National Cattlemen's Association, reported on national cattle problems, and J Edgar Dick, secretary of the California Cattlemen's Associa- teve McOueen - Bobby Dariri Fess Parker ESCAPE FROM ZAHRAIN Sal Mineo Sun. Men. Tues. Sept. 2-3-4 MR. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION James Siewart Maureen O'Hara Thurs. & Fri. Sept. 6 & 7 VIKINGS Kirk Douglas MERMAIDS OF TIBURON Closed Wednesday, Sept• 5 Roger's Funeral Home Serving Chester, Wesiw00d, {;lear I Creek, Mineral, Lake Alman0r PHONE 257-4414 COLLECT DAVID AND MOLLY ROGERS Funeral Directors been preparing for a long time. etunlas. , If the CommuniStSaboutareit trying to start a B--0000,,f00ness t Professional i'&'__ __ t00oy are go,ng ,n a way t00at 00,v0s 00weOor,, great promise of success. . an,  J CRESCENT MILLS Fletcher Brown had the mis-iRosa Haker. They bicycled home fortune to be in an accident with ;via Susanville. a horse. He is recuperating at I Barbara Crawford Mohat of home. IRene spent several days here v!s- Janet Buseay went to Porto!a !iting her parents, the John Craw- | T  Ill Il 1[I I[ r IllTuesday for an appointment withe, ford's [ the doctor Her husband is em- l x- Ill  lb & n I b I] • i Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baker ob-I | | ployed in Portola. • | GREENVILLE | Gordon Haker and a boy friend :servedversary the,rwednesday.41st weddingBill tookanni-al 155 Hideaway Rd.--P. O. Box 85| of. Anderson came here on their beautiful decorated cake to the I | Telephone 284-4491 I bmycle Monday• After spending i hospital. A group of friends an-[ a day with Gordie's grandmother, joyed the cake with them. --I Lottie Stampfli and Senate Mil-[ SUSANVlLLE ton of Susanville visited Nancy l Stampfli and Rosemary Milton i and family Thursday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Brown RECAPPING @ Complete Auto- SafeiT-Tmed motive Service Used Cam 1107 Main Phone L%'7-11S u SIERRA JEWELERS The Store on the Corner Main and Gay Streets Gorlmm Sterling Nationally Advertised Wach DIAMONDS Watch Repairing - Engraving 'were in Susanville on business B i Di !Monday evening. us ness redorv i Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nye and Sharon and Olga West left Sat- ,,e,,, ]urday for a 10-day trip to Seattle to visit relatives and see the fair DEAL & DAVIE SERVICE MILLAR HARDWARE land other points of interest. Cadsllac & Oldamobilo Cars • I Mr. and Mrs. Phil Maderia of GMC Trucks Goody(mr Tim • San Francisco visited the Bill WOOD-I/EAT agency for Riteway Automatic Wood & Coal Burning Hoats COX'S FEED STORE Star Route 3, Rox S-A Phone 267-2721 DuPont Painb Ellrleal,Baker's Friday• They also visited friends in Greenville. Housewszos • Plumbin Giftmre Sup_liesn" ]'g Violet Bohrmeister, who spent Ithe last two months at the home LEWIS STYLE CENTER of Orma Mathews, returned to iher home in Auburn Tuesday. Women's and Children's [ OrXCB o OORAaORS I Notice is hereby given that the Cl(thi Board of Directors of the Feather River rig ,Hospital District will receive bid for 'the furnishing of all required labor, ma- 610 Main Street 257.3727 terials (except as shown on the plans), {taxes, insurance, bonds, transportation, , scaffolding, equipment, facilities, serv- ices and incidentals necessary for the EASTMAN'S STUDIO construe(ion of a Storage Building for I the Feather River Hospital District On the site now owned by said District and located in Greenville, California 914 Main St. Phone 257-2315 east of the City center on Hot Springs Road, Township 27 North, Range 9 East, in the Northeast corner of the "The One Source for All Southwest quadrant of Section 2, all 'in accordance with the drawings, spec- ifications, and ether contract documents. Photographic Needs" Sealed bids. based on the drawings, LONG'S SHOE STORE Fine Footwear for Men, Woman & Chlldg 614 Maht Stroet Trim Tred IEnd Poll Parrot Star Srand ll 232SI MAIN STREET CHESTER H specifications and other contract docu- ments, shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Fea- ther River Hospital District at the Hos- pital Office in said Hospital in Green- rills, California on or before Tuesday, September 11, 1962, at 8:00 P.M. and will be publicly opened and read there- after. Drawings and specifications and other contract documents are on file in the office of the Feather River District Hospital, Greenville, California, where they may be examined and copies ob- tained on or after August 30, 1962. Workmen employed on said work must be paid in accordance with the pre- vailing scale of wages adopted by the Directors of the Feather River Hospital District and which are on file at the Hospital Office at the abovo stated ad- dress. Ralph Lozano, Secretary-Treasurer Board of Directors Feather River Hospital District. (Aug. 30; Sept. 6, 1962) Q&( J. R. PACKWOOD, Opt. D. Glasses Fitted and Repaired Office Hours- 9-1 and 1-5 607 Cottage St. Phone 257-4424 Mohawk CarpeCs Hoover Vacuum, Arms÷rong & Sandran Noor Coverings Complefe Home Furnishings & Maple Shop gr;gidaire Appliances & Service Cottage Street (Next to ldty toe Greenville ] Quincy00 PROPANE GAS GAS APPLIANCES COTTEWS AUTO SERVICE TANKS FOR ALE OR RENT < Magic Chef Gas Ranges • O'Keefe & Merrill Ranges SALES and SERV • Coleman Floor Furnaces --q er v ic e--- PLUMAS GAS & APPLIANCE Dial 284-26Sl 153 Crescent St. Greenville GLENN S BUSINESS MACHINE SERVICE Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Register Repairs--Serviced Guaranteed Work Phone Greenville 284-3851 • Auditing • Accounting • Bookkeeping • Income Tax PHILPOTT, BOSS & SEMER PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Beale Bldg. Philpott Bldg. Quincy Greenville M Faced with a DRINXING PROBLEM? Perhaps Alcoholics Anonymous Can Help Write P.O,Box S66 -- Greenville or Phone 4-2091 or 4-3522 WEEKLY MEETINGS Open to the Public -- Fridays, 8 p.m. Methodist Church MODEL LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS Rev. Homer Hale--Pastor Aembly of God, Greenville Phone 284-4561 (Works on Commission) Your Patronage appreelated Bob Carmichael's TYPEWRITER SERVICE Quincy, California PHONE 779 PLUMAS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 1010--Leonhardt Bldg. QUINCY, CALIFORNIA Serving Plumes, Lassen. Sierra Counties REESE'S FURNITURE A. A. REESE Complete Ltno of Furniture and Appliancu AITIQUES REESE AVE. and HIWAY 4O-A STATEWIDE MOVING PHONE 587 QUINCY Mineral Research Laboratory ?S Main St.--Quincy Chester DICK HENRY REALTY 10 a.m. to 4 pan. Across from Flying A StatiO Listings Wanted Phone 258-S 12 I Quincy QUINCY VET CENTER Boarding Kennels -- Vaccine Pet Supplies Livestock & Riding Equip,he*9 East Quincy .el Highway 0A Phone Qufnc W00twood J FULLERTON ELECTRIC Commercial and Residential tn. Electrical Repairs and tenanee. Free Estimates. able Cost. Licensed 221 Delwood CL Westwood, Calif. LASSEN HARDWARE SUPPLY CLearbrook 8-3353 818 Birch Street SHERWIN WILLIAMS gEM GLO ENAMEL Super Kemtone Latex . Linseed Oil . . . Bulk LINOLEUM & TILE ... HARDWARE Oroville DR. A. T. DIETLE DR. C. M. CHITTIM OPTOMETRISTS e FOR APPO-- State Theafre Bldg. 1481 lira