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June 11, 2014     Chester Progressive
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June 11, 2014

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4C Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX DELINQUENCY AND IMPENDING DEFAULT I, Jul~ A. White, Plumas ~ Tax Colte~or, State of California. certify as folfows: Tr~ at 1291 a.r~ on July 1, 2014, by ~ of law, any real pmpe~y (unless prevlou~ tax~ and not rsdeemed) for whk~ tax~, asseuman~, and othor ~ levied for the fiscal year 2013-2014, or ~I taxes le~ed for any year pflor to 2013-2014, am ~ sh~ bededamd tax-defaulted. A detailed lt~ oral! Wopedies tax-defaulted as of July 1, 2014, m~d not redeemed prior to being su~ for~, ehag be ~ on or bat~ ~ 8, 2017. Real Wopedy rema~ ~ tax-defaulted slatus for FNe or mo~ years v~l subject to the rex OoIled~s power to sell Ofl~ ~wbl~i Io lhe powor io ~II. r,~l ixopedy may be so~d at p~l~ auct~ or oU~en~ ~ to new ownership. The owner may ~ the power to soil status by It~atJng ard maintaining an tnmllmant p~n of ~ pr~r to the date whan the tax Oo, octot ~ the power to ~ the property or by ~rrole=~ redeeming the property through payment of a, ixoparty is ~Id, satl, but It t~mlmfl~ at 5 p,m. on U~ lut busW,,ns day I~mm the actual sate of t~e ~op~y by the tax co~. I~ concerning ~ or the in~atlon of an trr~f~ent ~ of redemption for tax-defaulted properly wm be furnished, upo~ request, by Ju,e A. White, P.O. Box 176. Quincy, CA 95971, telephone number (530) 283-6260. ~ oe~ under pen~ of l~'y U'~ the ~ ~ tn~e and ~ Ju~ A, W'~e, Rumas County Tax ~ ~ted at ~, ~ County, California, on May 27, 2014. ~ in Feather I~wt ~dlatln, Portole Report~, tndlan V~y ~, O~ster ProlFe~ive on J~Jne 4t, Ju~e ll~aml June 18, 20t4. NOTICE OF IMPENDING POWER TO SELL TAX-DEFAULTED PROPERTY Made pursuant to Section 3361o3364, 3381, Revenue and Taxation Code Notice is hereby given thin real property laxcs and a~ents on Lhe parcels described below will have been defau~tod for five or more years, or, in the case of Ixopefty on which a mdsence abatement lien has been recorded or can serve the public benefit by providing homing or sc~vicos directly mial~cl to low-income persons, when ~ or morc years have duped end a request hes be~ made by a city, county, city and county, or nonprofit organization, that property will become subject to the tax collector's power to sell. The pmcels listed will become subject to the tax collector's power to sell on July 1, 2014, at 12:01 a.m., by operation of law, The tax collector's power to sell will arise unless the property is either redeemed or made subject to an installment plen of redemption initiated as provided by law prior to 5 p.m. on June 30, 2014. The fight Io an installment plan terminates on 1une 30, 2014, e~d after that date the entire balance due must be paid in full to prevent sale oftbe property at public auction. The right of redemption survives the prepen'y becoming subject to the power to sell, but it terminates at 5 p.m, on the last business day before actual sale of'the property by the tax collector. All information concerning redemption or the initiation of m~ installment plan of redemption will be fiimlshed, upon request, by Julie A. White, PIm'ass County Tax Collector, P.O. Box 176, Quincy, CA 95971. The office can be reached at (530) 283 - 6260. The anmunt to redeem, In dollan and cents, b ~t forth opl~dte Its parcel number. This amount i~clud~ all defaulted taxes, penalties, and fees that have accrued from the date of tax-defanlt to the date of this publieatierL PARCEL NUMBERING SYSTEM ]~XPI.,ANATION The Assmanr's Pamel Number (A~N), w~en used to describe property in this list, refers to the assessor's map book, the map page, the block on the map, if epplicable, and the individual parcel on the map puse or in the block. The assessor's maps and f~rther explmmtion of the perenl numbering system are available in the 002-250-009,000 002-270,004-0~0 002-27~ 010-210-004-000 - 112-320-003,000 112-320,007-000 112-320~08,000 112-320-009.000 112-320-010-000 112-320-011-000 112-320,012-(XX) 112-320-013-000 112-320,014,000 112-320,015-000 112-320-O16-O00 lI2-320,01B-(XIG 112-320,019,0(X) 112-320,020,(~0 112--320-O21-O00 112-320-O23-O00 113-090-011-000 113-270-012..000 123-330-012..000 126-085.004-200 126-281-0064300 003-092-025-000 003470-003-000 004-O70-011-000 00~-120,{X~-000 OO9-O4OOO9-OOO 009-O40-010-(]00 OO9-34OOO3,0OO 009-363,020-000 009-363-021-000 009-372,036-000 009-381~O2~00 009-3914}O3-000 010-O50-O20-000 010-110,O16~00 010-110-O31.-000 025-150-008-O00 028-110,O16,000 025`120,011,000 100-042-025-000 100-O42,028-000 100-O42,037-000 10O-O58-0O3-O0O asseasor's office. ASSESSOR'S PARCel ASSESSED OWNER NUMBER PROPERTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1"2007 FOR THE TAXES, ASSKSSMENTS AND OlrHER OHARGES FOR 11HIE FISCAL YEAR 200P2007 009-250*023-000KIRK PAUL R & AU(~ F H/W 2135 BLACKRIDGE 13RL, GREENHORN RANCH 116-100-076,000DAVISON ANTONIA TRUSTEE 726 VRONA AVE, EAST QUINCY 130-134,,013-000 BARKER RICHARD T & CAROL L H/W 25 PAIUTE TRI., GRAEA6LE 130-141-002-000BUMALA PHIUP & RUTH WW 30 PAIUTE TRL, GRAEAGLE 131,08~013-(IGOMARTINEZ PATRICK & CATI-IRYN H/W 267 KfrfEN OR, CLAIRVltiE 145-0904)02-000MASHER STANLEY P & DEANNA L H~V 4557 24N08Y.1, DIXIE VALLEY RIIOPFJIW TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1".200B FOR THE TAXES, ASSr~KSMENTS AND OTHER CHARGES FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2007-20~ 002-250,OO6,000SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIES SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIES SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIES SIERRA pACIFIC INDUSTRIES PADIA ROBERT S 95119 PROSPECT RD, CHILCOOT NEVLS SAUNDRA TRUSTEE |81 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE RIDGE BAR CORPORATION A NEVADA CORP 346 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE SOUTHWESFERN BARRON INCA NV CORP 259 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE SOUTHWESTERN BARRON INC A NV CORP 331 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE NEVIS SAUNDRA TRUSTEE 397 BUCKS MEADOW DR., BUCKS LAKE SOUTHWESTERN BARRON INCA NV CORP 437 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE SOUTHWESTERN 8ARRON INCA NV COflP 483 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE NEVIS SAUNORA "~USTEE 545 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE RIDGE BAR CORPORATION A NEVADA CORP 42B BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS AZORES DL'VELDPMEI~ INC A NV CORP 720 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCIG LAKE RIDGE BAR CORPORATION A NEVADA CORP 597 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE RIDGE BAR CORPORATION A NEVADA CORP 761 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE AZORES DEVELOPMENT INCA NV CORP 809 BUCKS MEAOOW DR, BUCKS LAKE AZORES DEVELOI~4ENT INCA HV CORP 863 BUOES MEAOOW DR, BUCES INCE , AZORES DEVELOPMENT INC A NV CORP 897 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCRS LAKE NEVIS SAUNDRA TRUSTEE 977 BUCKS MEADOW DR, BUCKS LAKE HAYS CLARENCE & DORTHY 276 CLARENCE LN, MEADOW VALLEY GONZALES DANIEL J JR & BARBARA A H/W 1463 OLD BIG CREEK RD, MEADOW VALLEY YELLAND EDWARD V & BARBARA A H/W 119 EUREKA SPRINGS DR, MOHAWK BAJWA DAI_BIR 51NGH 165 COMMERCIAL ST, PORTOLA STARK LOWELL & ELAINE R,H/W 624 PONDEROSA CIR, PORTOLA PROPERTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1,2009 FOR THE TAXES, ASSESSMENYS AND OTHER CHARGES FOR THI" RSCAL YEAR 2008-~ 002-250,(X)7-(X]O SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIES NELSON JAMES A 2975 CRESTVIEW CIR, LA PORTE SCHECTER DAVID 278 SNOWSHOE LN, LITTLE GRASS VALLEY CROWEti REGINALD B & CHRISTY H/~V ETA[ 163 PECKS VALLEY RO, GREENVILLE IVIC MATH VERNON & ELOISE 2583 GENESEE RD, GENESEE SWEET ANTHONY RIM ESTATE OF B25 SQUIRREL CREEK RD, SPRING GARDEN SWEETANTHONY KIM ESTATE OE El00 SQUIRREL CREEK RD, SPRING GARDEN BRAGG LATHE K 1334 CARMEN RD, FRENCHMAN LAKE BRUNEL LOUIS PETER 2760 FOREST KNOLL IN, GREENHORN RANCH BRUNEL LOUIS PETER 2740 FOREST KNOLL LN, GREENHORN RANCH COOKE JUSTIN D & HEATHER N H/W 2382 BUCKHORN TRL, GREENHORN RANCH DASILVA BRENT 2701 MEADOW VIEW IN, GREENHORN RANCH BROWN BILLY W 2045 BUCKHORN CIR. GREENHORN RANOJ GOULD EUZABETH O CONNER SUCC TRUSTEE 88062 HIGHWAY 70, VINTON HUBBS BUBBLE DALE & VALERIE JEAN HEW 92218 HIGHWAY 70, VINTON VANEI"Irl GUIUO R & NIGOLE 92307 HIGHWAY 70, VINTON BOATMAN JACX W lj2 ET At 5627 GRIZZLY RD, GRIZZLY ROAD SHAW TODD 318 BIG GRIZZLY, GRIZZLY ROAD SHAW DEBRA L 101 SMITH PEAK OR, GRIZZLY ROAD NILCOU JACQUEUNE 176 MAIN ST, CHESTER NILCOU JACQUEUNE 182 MNN ST, CHESTER NILCOU JACQUELINE 176B MAIN ST, CHESTER M~ KEVIN J & ULDAN M H/W 207 BRIDGE ST, CHESTER AMOUNT DUE BY JUNE 30, 2014 $ 1'047.07 $ 1,155.74 $ 8,900.47 $ 4,976.77 $ 2,816.54 $ 2,577.93 $ 895.70 $ 636.86 $ 637.22 $ 1,474.03 $ 1,817.98 $ 3,854.44 $ 3,814.O7 $ 3,814.O7 $ S,814.07 $ 3,B14.07 $ 3,814.07 $ 3,~14.07 $ 3,814.07 $ 3,814.07 $ 3,814.07 $ 3,814.o7 3,814.O7 $ 3,814.07 $ 3,780.59 $ 3,780.59 $ 3,780.59 $ 517.74 S 1,995.88 $ 5,576.35 $ 14,181.54 $ 4,141.10 $ 1'260.15 $ 3,053.67 $ 6,73634 $ 16,718.04 $ 2,926.34 $ 4,27702 $ 11'B19,19 $ " 14,397.91 $ 1,558.26 $ 1,538.10 $ 1,006.13 $ 1,906.63 $ 4,369.51 $ 5,533.51 $ 5,487,21 $ 4,912.91 $ 1'31E.B5 $ 16,146.83 $ 16,245.62 $ 3,495,40 14,932.34 $ 12,529.36 $ 3,066~o Send public notices to typesetting @ Deadline Thursdays, 4 p.m. 100-142,021.-000 100-162.4X)6-000 1OO-193,013-000 302-353.011-000 102-381-016-000 103-320,022-000 103-380-009-000 103-.440-003-000 103.-440.004-000 103-440-005-000 103-440-006-000 103-440-O08-000 103-440-009-000 103-440-014-000 103-440-016-000 103-440-O17-O00 103,.440-018,.O00 103JJ40.O19,000 103-440-O20-000 103-440-023-000 103-440,024-000 103-440-026-000 103-440-O28-O00 103-440,030-000 103-440-O31,000 103-440`036-000 104-O51-O24-000 104~52-007,000 104-O61-007-000 104-O82-010-000 ]O4-352-002,000 106-290.010~00 108-310-005-O00 110-013.,002-000 110-O62,030-000 110-131,008,000 111..086,015-000 111-310-002-000 113-250-002-000 115.O42-012,000 DINGMAN AI-LAN C & CATHERINE R TRUSTEE $ 424 THIRD ST, CHESTER KELSO WILLIAM & STACY H/W $ 567 PINE WAY, CHESTER OGLE JEFF S $ 539 MAIN ST, CHESTER RICOLILA ACRES LLC $ 635 PINE CANYON RD, LAKE ALMANOR WLUMB LIC TRUSTEE $ 708 LAKE RIDGE RD, LAKE ALMANOR CUDE LESUE M TRUSTEE $ 236 ALPINE FIR RD, I.~E ALMANOR PENINSULA CUDE LESLIE M TRUSTEE $ 115 GRAND FIR RD, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE IIC A CALIFORNIA LIC $ 360 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LLC A CALIFORNIA U $ 377 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tic A CALIFORNIA tiC $ 400 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tiC A CALIFORNIA LILC $ 417 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA GALLEY CREEK RIDGE LIC A CAUFORNIA ULC $ 471 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tic A CALIFORNIA LLC $ 517 MARINA DR, tAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tiC A CALIFORNIA tIC $ 299 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tic A CALIFORNIA LEC $ 2S5 MARINA DR, LAKE AUMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tiC A CALIFORNIA U..C $ 233 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tiC A CALIFORNIA L*LC $ 233 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LIC A CALIFORNIA LLC $ 217 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE AU~ANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LLC A CALIFORNIA LLC $ 217 MARINA OR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE IIC A CAUFORMA tiC$ 177 SNOWY PEAK WAY, tAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tiC A CAUFORNIA LLC $ 177 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE tic A CALIFORNIA LLC $ 151 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LLC A CALIFORNIA tic $ 95 MARINA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LLC A CAUFORNIA LLC $ 63 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LILC A CALIFORNIA LIC $ 54 SNOWY PEAK WAY, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA BAILEY CREEK RIDGE LLC A CALIFORNIA tic $ 22 PINE NEEDLE LN, tAKE AIMANOR PENINSULA CASHMAN TIMOTHY J & UNDA L $ 443 PENINSULA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA CASNMAN TIMOTHY J & UNDA L $ 456 PENINSULA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA CASHMAN 1]M & LINDA ~ $ 441 PENINSULA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA JOG WOO SUCK & YOUNG HEE H/~/ $ 345 PENINSULA DR, LAKE ALMANOR PENINSULA 8URLINGAME CA~'HERINE M $ 3611 WOODLAKE DR, HAMILTON BRANCH BUMB JEFFREY & ELIZABE-ITI H/W $ 6309 HIGHWAY 147, EAST SHORE LAKE ALMANOR BRANTHAVER CHABLES WILLIAM & DAWN STEPHENS H/W $ 110 TOP OF THE WEST DR, LAKE ALMANOR WEST OAKES LESTER ETAL $ 211 HIGBIE AVE, GREENVILLE CONLEY KASSANDRA . $ CROW'ELL REGINALD B & CHRI~-rY H/W $ 202 CRESCENT ST, GREENVILLE NUNN MARK $ 15745 MAIN ST, CRESCENT MILLS PEW RANDY A & VALERIE A TRUSTEE $ AYALA DORIS $ 8419 BUCKS LAKE RD, MEADOW VAtiEY MC CORMICK RUBY R $ 11 UNDAN AVE, QUINCY 10,665.09 5,835.52 19,585.49 32,774.78 3,046A3 1,966.01 2,993,50 5,707.29 5,658.31 5,707.29 5,658.31 5,678,27 S,744A2 5,907.12 5,678.27 5,678.27 5,247.06 5,678.27 S, B7827 5,678.27 5,678,27 5,907.37 5,678,27 5,678.27 5,678.27 5,678.27 19,637.04 20,489.41 22,281.34 65,001.85 8,7B3.35 59,034.92 4,628.88 3,138.41 2,391.71 10,804.18 1,~0x.44 2,443.74 3,RS1.4 15,691.74 116-300-041-O00 116-340,011,0~O 122-130,012-000 123-290-O25-100 125.051`056-000 125-184-006-000 125-196-005-000 125-196,007,000 125-196~O9~00 125`196~10-000 125-221-001-000 125-221,003-OOO 125-221-004-000 125-222-(IG5`(XX) 125-222-006-O00 125-222-007-000 125-222-O08-(}00 125-222-009-000 125`222,010,000 125-222-011-000 125.222,014~00 125-222,015-000 125.222-016-0D0 125-223-010-O00 125-223-011-000 125-223-O12-O00 125-261-.CO6.000 125`261,007,000 125`261,008-O00 125-261-009-000 125-383-039-0OO 126-022-012,.O00 12(~.094-011-.000 126-132-025-ooo 126-133,021,-000 126-161-O06-000 126-161-OO7-000 128-(~2`005-(X)O 130-224,014-000 131-190:O. 21-,000 I~t-320`027-0C~ 145-1S0.011-000 59,1-272`02~-SlI 531~272~12~,552 PEW JARED A ETAL 556 E MAIN ST, EAST QUINCY PEW JARED A ETAL 1750 PEPPARO FLAT RD, EAST QUINCY ALUME INCA CORPORATION $8421 HIGHWAY 70, CROMBERG KLOTZ FRANK P III 358 GOLD NUGGET LANE LYONS DARRIN L 1225 SIERRA PLUM CIR. FORTOLA KEPPEL ROBERT M & DANA M H~ LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORP Let JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP LA JOLEA LOANS INC A CA CORP LA JOU.A LOANS INCA CA CORP L~ JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP . LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORP LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORP LA JOU.A LOANS INC A CA CORP 423 W SPRUCE AVE, PORTOLA LA JOU.A LOANS INCA CA CORP LA JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP LA JOLLA LOANS IN(: A CA CORP 381 W MAGNOLIA AVE, PORTOLA LA JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP 365 W MAGNOLIA AVE, PORTOLA LA JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP 34B W MAG NOUA AVE, PORTOLA LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORP 333 W MAGNOLIA AVE, PORTOLA LA JOU.A LOANS INCA CA CORP LA JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP LA JOLLA LOANS INCA CA CORP 348 W SPRUCE AVE, I~RTOEA LA JOtiA LOANS INC A CA CORP 332 W SPRUCE AVE, PORTOLA LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORP LA JOU.A LOANS INC A CA CORP LA JOLILA LOANS INC A CA CORP 281 W MAGNOUA AVE, FORTOLA LA JOLLA LOANS INC A CA CORIP 265 W MAGNOLIA AVE, PORTOEA BOSKOVICH MICHAEL R & BARBARA J,H/W BOSKOVIC H MICHAEL R & BARBARA J,H/W B~6KOVICH MICHAEL B & BARBARA J,H~ 0OSKOVICH MICHAEL R & BARBARA J,H/W SANDERS CHARLENE R 246 COLINA CT, DELLEKER BRENNAN THOMAS H & COMEAU-BRENNAN DANIELLE T 5820 CASEY JONES RID, PORTOLA CHRISTIAN SUSAN L GREENWOOD ROBERT J 221 CALIFORNIA ST, pORTOLA HALL JOHN F 280 UTAH ST, PORTOLA SHIRLEY LAURA L SHIRLEY LAURA L DUKE KENT 1606 CROCKER CT, GRIZZLY ROAD FAIRBANKS DEBRA L 28 KOROMINU TRL, GRAEAGLE STEINBOCK PHRJJP M & PAMELA A TRUSTEE 1374 DREAM MAK[~ PORTOLA CLUE SH~qtLEy E'AL 1OLOTTI ~ K ~rAL aOM~N ST, ~ MEYER MARTIN A 7192 DIXIE VALLEY RD, DIXIE VALLEY ARFSTEN/~RRY & V~-'TORIA AR F$'I~,N LARRY I~, t o~lfy= tmd~ fl~ ~W ofl~jwY. ~ ~ fo~m8 is tree Imd $ 2,60834 $ 7,081.26 $ 21'917.34 $ 24,743.53 $ 1,686.45 $ 3,881.26 $ 1,010.01 $ 1'010~ $ 1,olo.ol $ 1,olo.ol $ 1,OlO.Ol $ 1'010.01 $ 1,43L76 $ 1,672.83 $ ~,OlO.O1 $ 1,010.01 $ ,/ 1,010.01 $ 1,010.01 $ 1,010.01 S 1,BiG.or $ 1,olo.Ol -$ 1,010.01 $ 1,010.01 $ 1,010.01 $ 1oO10.01 $ 3,o10.o1 $ 1,ozo.ol $ 1,O10.01 $ ~46.5S $ 346.55 $ 229A1 $ 229A1 ' $ 1,573.08 $ 6,099.49 $ 1,131,90 $ 7,261.17 $ 2,142.66 ' $ 425.26 $ 425.26 $ 1,03391 $ 2,629.40 $ 5,041.07 $ 9,574,S~ $ 172,47 $ 172,47 ]~xec~ed at ~dne~ Hum,~ Comity, C~if~'ni~ on May 27, 2014, ?.014 tone ~ 1, 2014, ~J~ l~ 18, 2014 B N G EWS so much more is just 1 CLICK AWAY Hunter Morris winds up for the pitch. Morris recently played in the all-star baseball game, and is getting ready for the Lions all-star football game. He also played in the all-star basketball game. Morris is one of the few athletes chosen for the all-star games of all three sport's. File photo James Wilson Sports Editor One student athlete out of Chester gave R his all this last year, and the effort paid off. Hunter Morris excelled in playing football, basketball and baseball his senior year, and was recognized in the highest degree for his contributions to his team in all three sports. Morris was chosen to represent his teams and play with the best of the best in all three sports' all-star games. "He is one of the most coachable and hard-working athletes I have ever had in 19 seasons here at Chester," commented Morris' football and baseball coach, Terry recogni Hernandez. "He is one of the only players I have had to kick out of the weight room so he wouldn't overdo it." Morris' last appearance was at the Northern Section California Interscholastic Federation's all-star baseball game in Chico on May 31. Morris got one hit during the game for his team's only RBI. Earlier in the year, at the end of March, Morris played in the section's all-star basketball game. Morris will play in the Lions all-star football game July 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Shasta College. He will be joined by Quincy's Keston Pilgrim on the all-star team. Also playing in the Lions all-star game, on an eight-man team, are Greenville's A.J. Courtright and Cooper Kingdon. CIF to eliminate smaller division Dave Keller Special to Feather Publishing Despite opposition from Greenville High School's athletic department, the California Interscholastic Federation Northern Section board of managers approved a plan in May that will eliminate Division VI in the sport of basebaU in 2015 and force the five remaining teams to move to Division V. The plan received nearly unanimous support from NSCIF Officials, who make most of the fmal decisions regarding the rules and regulations of the Northern Section and its 71 high school athletic programs. The decision was made less than a day after Greenville earned its second straight trip to the Division VI championship game. Greenville Athletic Director Michael Chelotti, who also serves as baseball coach, said future trips to the finals could be in jeopardy because the change would force the school to face traditional baseball powerhouses such as Maxwell and Chester early in the playoffs. "This is a badidea," Chelotti told the board at its Wednesday, May 21, meeting in Chico. "I do not see it adding a thing for any of the Division V schools, and it would clearly take something away from the Division VI schools." Yet Dunsmuir Principal Ray Kellar, a proponent of the new setup, said the change will make Division V more competitive. "Right now, it's not very competitive," Kellar said. Under CIF's approach, the baseball divisions have been historically tiered so that schools are grouped together by enrollment, under the premise that sports programs . at larger schools have better access to more players and deeper financial resources. Larger schools such as Enterprise, Chico, Pleasant Valley and others are grouped together, while Greenville, Big Valley, Princeton, American Christian and Elk Creek have been assembled in a smaller school division. And, depending on realignment decisions that are made every few years, there are also three or four other divisions between the largest and smallest schools. For the most part, the approach has been successful, with virtually no wrinkles. But that will change in 2015, and Chelotti is frustrated with CIF authorities over the decision. "This is a solution looking for a problem (that does not exist)," Chelotti told CIF officials. Not surprisinglY, his biggest concern is that Greenville will be able to compete with its new Division V adversaries only up to a certain point. "Greenville is not Maxwell, not even close," he explained. ""We know we're a Division VI team. We know what we are, and we're perfectly f'me with that and have no illusions about it." Chelotti's concerns were underscored by Greenville baseball player and team captain Cooper Kingdon, who also spoke out against the plan at the meeting. "Throwing us into Division V is like throwing us to the wolves," the senior told CIF officials. Kingdon said playing in the Division VI championship game "is a special experience for the team" and he said he fears that the move to Division V will make it difficult to replicate "such experiences in the future." GOLF, from page 3C Plumas Pines Women's Golf Club On Tuesday, June 3, Plumas Pines Women's Golf Club played Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts. Members were also competing to qualify for the Captain's Cup Tournament, to be held Sept. 30. The players who qualified for Captain's Cup were: Sharon Russell - Low Gross - 90 and Cathy Cianciolo - Low Net- 68. Way to go ladies! The winners for the game of the day were: Flight 1 - Renee Walker - Low Gross - 92; Kathleen Friedman - Low Net - 71; Sharon Russell- Low Putts - 32; Flight 2 - Jackie Luckey- Low Gross - 98; Jennifer Zumbro - Low Net - 74; Scooter Kidwell- Low Putts - 29; Flight 3 - Nina DuPont-Stone - Low Gross - 115; Pat Nichols - Low Net - 74; Patty Rohman- Low Putts -31. Four chip-ins were scored for the day by Nancy Bartlett, Bey Parry, Jackie Luckey and' Cindy Donohue. To have your golf results and club news included in this weekly section, email the information to by Friday at 3p.m.