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June 6, 1963     Chester Progressive
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June 6, 1963

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> i l O The Chester Progressive Thursday, June 6, 1963 I r Chester _ Published every Thursday at Chester, Call]. ]ilOBItT E. DO, Editor and Publisher Entered in the Post Office at Chester as 2rid class mail matter Subscription $3.00 Per Year SENATOR KUCHEL It will be a long time--more than five years--before Thomas H. Kuchel is up for reelection as United States senator from Cali- fornia. Many will have forgotten, by the time the next election rolls around, about the speech Kuchel made early last' month in which he asiled "self-styled patriotic groups," rang- ing from the Birch Society to the followers of Gerald L. K. Smith. You may be very sure these groups will remember quite clearly that Senator Kuchel lambasted them, and every member of every such group will make it' a special point to vote for whatever candidate is running against him. It is up to those of us who think Kuchel was right to have memories just as long, and to vote according to our convictions when Mr. Kuchel comes up for re-election. Kuehel, a Republican, received a whop- ping vote at the last California election--an election which for the most part saw Democrats elected to office. A great many of us who vot- .ed for Kuchel did so Olfly in opposition to his opponent, Mr. Richards. whose chief claim to political prominence was his record of fighting with all his strength and with all his skill to favor southern California interests and harm northern California interests, particularly in the matter of water. A man who had no record at all probably could have made a bet- ter showing against Kuchel than Richards made. This picture has now changed, and those of us who voted for Kuchel may take pride in havin done so. K ' uchels record is not all good, by any means. He voted to support the late Senator McCarthy. He voted for the measure which would have, in effect, boosted the rates on natural gas sold to Californians, to the end that the rich gas producers--and heavy political contributors--would have got richer at the ex- pen of California users of domestic gas. "America," he said. "has enough imme- diate and deadly dangerous enemies, without  adding hobgoblins. America can use all the l responsible 'help it can get." Truer words were i never spoken. It is especially unfortunate that] in times likes these there are those in the land who institutions, go about spewing venom at democratic Two of the most recent hoaxes, Kuchell a't consisted of baldfaced assertion, tl)a':  "  t Fhe United Nations is training thd'usandsi of foreDn trooos, including barefoot savages, in Georgia as a prelude to a takeover of the i Ch I- ! ,11 %), ,1 lVolunteers assigned to the health ester !Jaytorsvlne ioum project whll increase the nunber [ ..... [of l.ab technicians, nurses and so" C h u r e h e s I, (9tt for Borneo ,C01ony.Cal workers now at work in the CHURCH c00isT i With Peace CorDs i With the arrival of this grouP ' -- . =in North Borneo-Sarawak, the , Congressman Harold T. (Blzz) l ......... , Charles Swan, Minister Johnson, representing Plumas ire.ace, crps Wll.__nave near 1 Phone 258-2071, P. O. Box 38 iCounty ' announced today thatnteers serving m me Bible Study, Sunday 9:45 a.m. Terry A. Story of Taylorsville is, Worship Service, Sunday 11 a.m. Evening Service, Sunday 7 p.m. Wednesday evening service at p.m. ASSEMBLY OF GOD Chester Sunday School 9:46 a.m. rnited States; and ! Morning Worship 11 a. m. . . I Sunday evening 7"80 p.m. The United States no longer has an Army ..... ...... ed ....  oung people s meeung w - Navv or Air Force, because the act that crea-Inesday 7"30 p.m. ed tlae I:.S. Arms Control and Disasterr Agency i Women's Missionary Council ha turned over our miliarv to a Russian coloneliTh,, ,urn, _ y. 6 p.m. ,  _ - ' : atecnism, -J.nursctay o p.m. in the United Nations. i In referring to the fact he had received! WEBLEYANcHURcHMETHODIST more than 3.000 hysterical letters and crude Fred Van Tatenhove, Pastor leaflets on these and other subjects Senator Sunday: Kuchel commented that the most distressing 9:45 a.m. Sunday School. ii a.m.Worship Service. 7:00 p.m.All Family Hour. Wednesday: 7:30 p.m.Mid-week Service Thursday: 7 pxa. Wesleyan Youth SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Robert Downey Sunday Schoo19:45 a.m. Worship Service---ll a.m. Training Service---6-7 Sunday Evening Service, Sunday 7 p. m. Prayer and Bible Study, Wed- nesday 7:30 p.m. I i OUR SAVIORS' LUTHERAN I CHURCH I Mark Wolfram, Pastor i Worship Service Sunday 9 a.m. Sunday School, Sunday 10 a.m.' COMMUNITY METHODIST i CHURCH t Rev. Kenneth Knepp, Pastor i : Sunday School, Sunday 9:45: a.m. i statistic of all was that only 10 of the letters raised even the slighthest doubt or question about the wtlidity of the twin claims. Kuchel said. "It is distressing and disillusioning to find persons falling hysterically and emotionally, without reservation, for the un- adulterated venum spewed by out-and-out crackpots for paranoia and profit . . . Clutch- in at half-truths and downright falsehoods, the fright peddlers fabricate hoaxes which frightened Americans and divert their attention from the real menace. They sow suspicion and h:ttre,t. They atem[)t to undermine faith in our government, its institution and leaders. They preach resistance to the laws of our land. They degrade American and Americans and do it a. well as- or better than--the Communists do. ' Apologists for these people have made the re'lowing points: 1. They are so powerful and' Morning Worship, Sunday ii ' a.m. i so numerous th:tt they wii] sweep Kuchel--and,cHRIST THE KING CATHOLIC everyhody like him- -out cf office: 2. Kuchel{ CHURCH i Confessions before Mass, 9:30 wa only trying to make political hay by beat-] a.m. ing his breast over a red herring, since the fact j is the people he attacked are too weak and too :Crescent Mills few to amount to anything politically. If these; :we points are colnpletelv inconsistent with! Nd Terry Jr. and three children each 0ther-and they are--'the situation is onlv f Saeramento spent several days " - '.visiting his parents. on a par with some of the other stuff the same; Don Riehl, who is employed in l i people have been putting out. i the Los Angeles area spent Mem-[ orial Day with his family and his i It will be well if, come the election of 1968, mother, Veva. dt of us--not just the hate peddlers--remember: t Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hacker of i what Thomas'H. Kuchel stands for. . Anderson spent Memorial Day! 'with his mother, Rosa. I enroute to North Borneo for serV-IALAN H. THIELER ice with the Peace Corps. Quincy, Oalo.rai us telephone : umey Story is one of 35 Peace Corps Att(rrney for Petitioner , F volunteers who have lust corn-ISUPERIOR OOUIT OF THE STATE 0 . a "nin-' O&LIFOINIA FOR THE COUNTY o paeted twelve weeks of ira1 g! LUMAS . n. C'nm,, ,," *h, TTniversitv Estate of SAMUEL V. FISItIR, _. ........ ..---t- ........ --(- ,-- known a.s S V. FISHER , ,AMUNI of Hawan. He left KonolUlU, rla-IFItI-IEI and" S FISHER a Missing veaii, May 17 for North Borneo, tPersn" No. 3546 - Sarawak. NOT[QE OF HEAR, ING PIgTITJ-0 P(R APPOINTMENT OF ADMINI,STI" , Upon arrival in jesselton and TRX qOR .STATE OF MISSING pE " Kuching, the capital cities, the lSONbmlO s IS HEREBY GIVEN" thst volunteers will receive a period iEDNA FISHER the wife of SAMUEL g' of orientation before beginning iFISIIER, an ul'legd missing person, haS. filed herein a PETITION FOR : their duties in various parts of PO1NTMENT OlO AD.MINISTIt, ATR4-'" the country FOR ESTATE OF MISSING PElSON re' ferenee to which is mde for furher The new group will augment a particulars, and that the time and PleaSe r of hearing She stone has been set xo contingent of 57 volunteers who have been working in North Bor- neo-Sarawak since August 1962 in the areas of education, health and rural community develop- ment. Volunteers assigned to the edu- cation project will teach second- ary school English, general sci- ence, mathematics and ,biology. Among the volunteers or the ural community development project will be several experienc- ed road surveyors, a rural health nurse, Monday, July 22, 1963, at 10:O0 m., in the courtroom of said court, oat" the Courthouse, in Quincy, California. Dated April 3, 1963. CIer By BARBARA JUNGE, Deputy April 11 -- May 30, 1963 I NOTIOE Tho undersigned have purehaaed, e!" feetive April 15 1963 from rsni Veebh, that prol)erty known as webb'. Drive-in and Frosty, in Chestier, 0sh" fornia. The undersigned will stand ra" punsible for all valid oblignt.ions legalll contracted in the name of said estwbli" meat on and after April 15, 1963, bat will not be responsible for any debts O e obligations contracted or existing beret that d te Igobert Kocher Angeline Kocher. G and a veterinary dictor. (May 23-30. June 6, 1963) IN CALIFORNIA BEER IS A NATURAL Brewed slowly, by a centuries-old natural process, beer is COUNTY LIBPdtY COMMENTS States and Canada and Sunset's fishermen and hunters, first aid!" Heggie Bacher of San Pablo By Josephine Moore l Westorn Campsite Directory to' " .was here for several days with surwval, safety, fire prevention :his mother. I During the summer attention aid the camper to find the ,spot ',and much more. = ,Susie Nye "visited her brother I is directed toward camping and for the trailer or camp. Merrill's} Trailer travel is outlined in de-and wife, the Art Ungers in] other outdoor activity. There are All About Camping is a complete tail by Wally Byam in Trailer  Standish, on Memorial Day. Andy] books available from the library, outline of all phases of camping.  Travel Here and Abroad and the'Stork drove her over. She also on all phases of living out-of-The book covers auto and trailer iart of Going Light With Back was over to Standish to the Cem-i doors from the evening cook-out camping, canoeing, hiking, saddle iPack or Burrow is by David etery. to the summer camp. Some of!and pack-outfit camping, desert Brewer of the Sierra Club. These Mr and Mrs. Irving Adams of i the ,books on camping and re-I camping snow camping, camp land many other titles are avail-Chester visited Susie Nye Tues- lated activities include Bier's land trail craft, camp cooking, able from the branches of the day afternoon Campground Atlas of the United equipment checklists, advice to Plumas County Free Library. I Ollie Kampschmidt of Oakland i ...... !spent several days visiting friends' before going to Reno to visit her - lo0k at this - PAXTON LODGE New Lookout R o00m_" Uew Look Through Out LILLIAN the SWEDE ROOM and BOARD featuring SWEDISH DISHES $5.00 per day' Charcoal Broiled 3 BEDROOM Steaks and Chicken FURNISHED HOUSES DAILY SPECIAL Small Cabin All You Can Eat $1 50 P5. per month Nightly Dancing VERY SOON. WATCH FOR OUR AD Come for Fun - Food- Refinement- Anyday Everyday 12 Miles West of Quincy Hwy 40-A Ph. Paxton I for Reservations California's traditional beverage of moderation--light, sparkling, delicious. And naturally, the Brewing Industry is proud of the mil- lions of dollars it contributes to this state's economy through wages, advertising, rentals, insurance, transpor- tation and utilities. Money made in California, spent in California. In California, beer belongs, enjoy it. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. CALIFORNIA DIVISION niece and family. Phyllis Nye, Sharon, Sencie USED EQUIPMENT !Milton, Rosa Haker and Olga West were in Reno Saturday. SALE! - Kathleen Irading, former ] Greenville girl now living in l Chester' ha's received a $1'000 t US SAWS scholarship and will attend Reno /" k Business College beginning June 24. While in Reno she will livei with an aunt, Mrs. Forrest Gor- ident.bet also a former Greenville res- I|l|a| . 26 ON HAND, I00ll'W HOMEUTE M00aCES AND MODEI AND STOCK IN TRADE and NOTION OF INTENDED TRANSFER OF i   TO LIQUOR LICENSES NOTICE IS HI,;REBY GI,EN that W1LLIA.M D, De.LRMONI), BETTY M.  1,eAR,MeND, ,IOItN I'. FILSON .... 1 ,. CHOOSE FROM MAXINE 1). FILS()N, with their prine- I [1 ipM place of business located at Ches- i ter, Plumas County, California, intend to i t seli to ARTHUR T. BRO\\;VN and l)OR-! OTHY A. BiOWN, whose address is set frth below, the following described {property, to wit: All the sock in trade, inventory fixtures, furnishings, and equipment coelnlonly used in vendor's bar and restaurant business and locat- ed at the Bear Club, Chester, Plumas County, California. NOTICE IS. ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that the said WIIAA.1M D. DeA.RMON1), BETIY M. DeAPoMOND, JOHN P. FIL- 'ION and M.kXINE D. FILN)N, the : undersigned licensees, intend to trans- fer to ARTIfUR T. BR&)=VCN asd DOR- OTHY A. BROWN, the following liquor licenses, to-wit : On Sale General No. P 13514-B K)II Sale General No. C 338-B ] The address of t.he premises to which said liquor licenses were issued is as fol.lows : Betlr Club N/S Main Street Chester, Pluma County alifornia The address of the transferees in as , follows: AR,THUR T. BROWN DORYPHY A. BROVCN 6811 Lime A.venllo Nert, h Long Beach 5, California The parties to the .transfer imve agreed that the cnsideration for the transfer is to b,e paid only after the .transfer is approved by the Department 'of Alcoholic Beverage Cmtrol. The consideration for the transfer of [the buMaess and licenses is to be paid at the law offices o,f ALAN H. TIIEL- i ER, Esq., 28 tiarbison Street, Quincy, !California, who has been designated b) the parties as Escrow, pursuant to Busi- ness asd i'rofessions Code Section i 24074, at 1!:00 o'clock a.m., Vednes- day, July 10, 1963. The purchase price 'Jr censideration : for the transfer of the business and ' license is $35,000.00, tlus inw!ntory. DATED: 1ay 28, 1963. WILLIAM D. DekRMONI) BE'II'Y M. DeAIMON]) } JOHN P. FIIN j ]&AXIN:E D. FILSON Licensees Asknowledgement duly executed in statutory form on May 23, 19(13. June 6, 1903 1' USED JEEP and TRENCHER 51 JEEP IN GOOD CONDITION AUBURN TRENCHER PRICED TO SELL WATER PUMPS USED PORTABLE J POWER MOWERS Several Used in Excellent Condition_..1 TRACTOR IMPLEMENTS MISCELLANEOUS VARIETY Highway 40-A North Quincy IN CHESTER AREA see BOB'S OUTBOARD SHOP - Phone