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May 2, 1963     Chester Progressive
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May 2, 1963

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The Chester Progressive ISON ARRIVES f _*|| ,  le  t- I t-/ i Thursd,, May 2, 1963 ] Gall and Joyce Heard are the 00reenvllle lne&apos;s 00._pecial.. 00hower. Held BASERChesteritesSHOPwi11SOLDbe .... jproud parents of a 5 pound 41 VaHI !learn that Scotty GarrarS7 N'OTIOE CALLING FOR SEAI.ED PRO- n " I - POSAL OR roDS tOR AN EXCLU-l u ce boy, born at Seneca HOSpl_ N | .,, -, -- |   f . Per Nits lvers sold his barber shop. SIVE FR, ANCItISE FOR> THE COL-/tal , Monday April 29. I , ] | J |" |H  . $[ 'ffi-| " " :' Scotty has been a resld" e LF.TION AND DISIOSAL OF} _A ...Lt  .n. t.. m..  , 7 I U ,m|mamNl|   l f%1 (ARJ]/tGI, lN]) RUIBISH IN TItF[ ....... '--,- .... -. ......... [--,: ..... I L.ALJV.f].LVLJI /, " hA ! II,-,.-, I--4.-..,. ithis area since 1935, comi LAKe: ALM.'.(NOIt ..... ARF. OF" ............ TtIE[ e:)vtr ,/rfidgrweth,eJ'ee[nl]l, ASSEMBLY OF GOD ]  z-x( I.-J.L UI3II IUIII::  Westwood at that time from I OOUNT/ OI t LUMAS, SqATL OJ5 , t " 1 " " e, ) . , hrough franchise or otl erwse, Setzer Road at Forav Ave "kT = Mrs. Mlckey Ivers was honored Scotty said he plans to catch P ALIt)INIA" this francbise shall terminate, ef-   * ! I ' . " N(YrI(q] IS ttERb Y GIVEN that on fecti .... inet' (lO) ,lavs f ..... .rod Pastor Homer P Hale ] ] ' fat a pink and blue shower, April of the big ones that he l the 3rd day of :lune, 1963, uP to the after ibe 4a?: o'f said )i,>ard's ' .... Sunday School 9"45 a m ! ....... "' ]17 at the home of Mrs. Ed Olson. abou t while barbering. He ] hour of 10:00 o'clock a. m., of said tion adopting such an ordinance;  . --. 7. ".. " " ! ..... W '" *"'I ...... " ..... *a : _ -ink (lay, the Board of S!tpervlsors of the and in which event a new fran- zvtornlng worsmp 11 a.m. r:lemer oz Assembly, 2nd District n= a = a u=,a=u , a p property in Chester and oil County , of. Pluzas wall recmve sealed i ch se tt tile option of the Board Evening Services, 7"30 p m i r. ...... ___ ,_ and blue theme around a large lake shore which he pla propsm [or [ne granting or an ex-', shall thereupon I)e called for bid . .  au. aa zX !_ ,.. ......  _, elusive fran( ise for th( co e(t on lnd %nv frulehise gr'nted shall not b Women's Missionary ouncili . ..... . . -- wnle cake Wlrl plnK anQ Dlue develop. . .... ne recen proposm o ssem- .; distesal of garbage and rubbish m that tra.nsferat)le withnut tile approval of Wednesday ' n m ;_ Y decorahons featuring a stork and I)ortion )f tle unincmporated area eli(he Board of Supervisors. ]--m.'(.'---',' -,'--" . ...... i)lyman Charles Garigus of Fresno twi, hhv 1, i -ChTrICAT.---O---INDIViI)__ the Lak At,n ..... (arba-e Co ect ..... i .... . ...... :..:;,e g.a,,[:, "d ac;i'td 6 -m ......... v .................... f ......  TIANSACTING BUSINESS UlYi,. kr a des(r ( " s f  os " erem oe" sna  v gra (1  ! P P" " ' arocerio  -**---* ...... -^-^- rte resnmens were pc(am chips i PIOTITIOUS NAME ..: ' , : ;u .  '. " , upon the express condition that all C A Services Thursday at' " ..... -,,,,,s =u,,,.,=,u= :with bl .... - a; it. .  we, the ]ndersigned, (lo hereby . All that certain area stuated n the ates or charges for garl)ae and rub-_ " " a comment. I .. u ,,,= .p, p.- xa-[that we are transacting business . Northerly section of the County of bish collection and/er disposal may be 7 p.m. ' ..... . Wallan punch and hght and dark:state of California ith oar pr! of lqumas, State of California, and revised by th., Board of Sui)ervisors on i ....... J- Wlll not support and in fact sann,-io ,,+ ; - -.+;^] place of t  s ness being sitnated o (mr( particu are desvri,t)ed as fol- its otion at any t m afte' t Ire( (3 i ,,u ....._.,,-..,,, I am d ' ........  " ...........  ................ = .... '" .... l--S:   rs fron the granting ot iranealse. , ......... t  .. --. -- -1.* ..xx.  fornia nnder tile ' firnl name aUd, BIGINNIN(t at the One-Quarter Scc- \\; review of said rates or charges shall' I'IJRI-I [OI mls Kina.  Ladies present were Mrs Kar-]of PININSI)LA MARKET, and th' (ion corner common to Sections 22 i)( ....... bas(d upen the (ost of operation eli Pine Street xv" s: mmecessa .... ana WOUlU'" , " i names in full a(i the place e and 23, T(wnship 20 North, Range the fram'tfise bolder, and other relevant l ........ tor i . - . ry, en Max(y, lrs. Clara Khntwrth, iresidence are as follows, to-wit: 8 East, M. l). M'. thence South wonomic factors. For this purpose, the l dames w. vlasmrs, as only work a nardship on the pe0- along the County 4nndry line he- books records and other financial data Phone 284-3522 i ple who can least afford to pay tweon PloT[lOS tiud tass(!u ()()on,ties, thirteen (13) miles more or less, So the One-Quarter Section corner between Sections 26 and 27, Town- ship 28 NortJL Range 8 East, M. D. M.; thence continuing South seven and one-lmlf (7-) miles to the Southeast corner of Section 34, Township 27 North, Range 8 East, M. D. M.; thence West fo,ur (4) miles to the mthwest corner ,of Section 31 of the aforesaid town- ship and range; thence in a North- west direction to tbe Southwest corner of Section 31, Township 28 North, thange 7 East; thence West six (6) miles more or less to the hunndary line between Plunlas and Tehama Couuties ; thence northerly and weterly along said boundary line to the Northwest corner of lqumas County ; thence East along the northerly boundary of Plumas Cunty to the point of beginning, but shah be open t) inspection and attdit i bv the ioard of Sopervisors and the P*lumas Oounty Grand .fury. The Board Or;Upervi ..... .... .yes the i right to decla a forefitnre of any frnchiso g'rnted hereunder, aud to terminate the privileges thereof wheu- i ever the franchise holder fads to perform any or all of the requirements thereof, or -wilfully violates any of the pro- visions thereof. Tile trucks and other equipment own-i ed or proposed to be used iu said ser-! vice by any bidder shall be snbject to t, he inspection of llle Plumas County i ifealth Department before a franchise is awarded. i It is nnderst<)ed that if a franchise is] granted hereunder, it shall be granted in! accordance with all the conditions here,of which conditions shall be included in the franchise agreement. ' The person or persons to whom a ':day, 10 a.m. francbise may be granted hereunder i ....... slndl commence the peforn]ance ef the FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH Afternoon Circle, 4th Wednes- day, 1:30 p.m. Men's Prayer fellowship--Tues- day noon. r Women's Prayer group---Thurs- Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. I more taxes on the very necessities Morning Worship, 11 a.m. !of life. Methodist Youth Fellowship --I Not only am I in opposition to i Sunday, 6:30 p.m. i any grocery sales tax, but I have Women's Society..of Chirstian introduce d legislation of my own ervlce general mceung zna wen-which would delete the present nesday, 1:30 p.m. sales tax from items of personal Evening Circle 3rd Wednesday health and sanitation such as soap, 8 p.m. disinfectants, cleansers, b a b y cream, supplemental vitamins and l emergency aid supplies. Ths bill, A. B. 1275, has been I referred to interim study by the IAssembly Committee on Revenue . and Taxation, and although it can not pass this year, I hope the corn- EXCEPTING therefrom the area in- services required by said franchise with-i (:lading with the Chester Sauitar. in ninety (90) das of the execution of! District of the CA)unty ef Plumas lhe franchise agreement unless such tinle! State of California. "GAIBAGE" for the purposes of a is extended by the Board of Supervisors. t Each bid shall be enclosed in al franchise, shall include all the follow- ' t scaled envelope, addressed as follows: i ing: P, efuse resulting from the pre,, Clerk of tbe Board of Supervisors i paratien, cookin and consulnpt ill o, Court tlouse ] edible foodstuffs, or resulting from de- i Quire'y, Cslifornia coy, dealing in, or storage of meat, fish, fnwl, fruit or vegetables, amt solid or ' The bidder stroll endorse on the en-! stunt-solid lmtreseihle wast( from clubs, velope "Bid for From'his(---LHe Ahna-! 131 Hot Springs Road the foreseeable future. hospitals, tmtels, restaurants, homes aud nor Garbage C)llection Area." [ Pastor, Rev Thurmon E. King.[ . dwelling places, and front other ealing The successful bidder shall file with -  c . 1 n,n= i Wage Protecilon unoay oc,om, o  am plaes, and from vegetable bandling and t e Board of Su *ervisors, upuu grant ell " " " NO turn'n- "  r mat" food processing ,tat,lishments, and shall the francbise, aa aeceptal,h, bond (surety, I Morning Worship Sunday, 111 .w, 1 g re nine .ers, include tin cans and t)otth, s. property, or cash) in favor ef the County ! m two important pieces of leglSla- "R, UIIBSH" for the purpose of a of Plumas in the amount of One T ous " " !tiw .,; ..11 ., 1 , franchise ,stroll in(lude all the folhwing, a d ollars ($1,000), conditioned fer the Evening Worship Sunday, 7:30 ......... btt not be restricted to: Non-putrescible faithful perfornnmcc of all obligations n r, ilClal eIIec on our locat economy set forth iu the franchise agreement ,1-. ..... h" bon o"r ,,n '-. both h'-,o wastes, ueh as paper cardboard, grass " -'ednes"  r  ice 7 " "'  -v -  - clippings, tree or shrub trimmings, wood, I)tel this 25th dy of kpril lq63 W say r'raye erv , :on ....... .. _ es ol me ,.eglslamre nls weeK. bedding, crockery, rub'ber tires, con- LOIS KEHRER, Ceunty Ch.rk and p.m. The first, Assembly Bill 319, of strue.tion waste and similar aste ms- (x-officio Clerk of the Board of teriais.  . Supervisors of tbe County of CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF Wlch I am the author, now Ec,h bidder shall set forth in his bid Plumas, State of California. t the following information: [ May 2, 9, 1963 p LATTER DAY SAINTS awaits the Governor's signature, ,1. Nme., address, business telephone i North Main Street land will provide greater wage and the length of time he or his " NOTICE-OF--.L--O--SU-LUS-- organization has been in the scav- PROPERTY AT PUBLIO AUCTION Branch Pres. Wendell H. Parsons protection for persons employed in enger bsiness. 2. The type of equipment protsed I NOTICE IS HEIBY GIVEN that the Priesthood meeting--8:30 a.m.i the logging industry. " , Board of Supervisors of the County of Sunday School10:30 a.m. The second piece of legislation, ,to be used in l)eforming such Plumas State of Galifornia, will sell at service, mblic auction for cash, at the minimum Sacrament meeting--ll'30 a m r a Resolution co.authorcd by Sena- Iprices indicated below, the following Mutual Tuesday--7"15 "p m* " and hours of call. described personal property, which is i tor Edwin J. Regan and myself, Inn longer required for public use: PrilTla- Wednesday: 4 'm" Icalls for establishment of addi- OUTHE - I ':tinal unemployment insurance S NN T ST CHURCH ibenefit offices in areas outside the 3, Protsd frequency of collection kmi e  Revenue and Taxation Bush Street, Greenville l wlllegive it serious study. Rev. Marcus Wolfram, Pastor ] Greenville Sunday School, 9:30 The Governor has joined with every Sunday. !many of us in the Assembly in de- Church at 10:30 every Sunday. !.nouncing any sales tax on grocer- ....... '1es and I do not think we will FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH I see passage of such legislation in 4. ,Oolletion rates shall be those contained in the bid which has MINIMUM beeu ccepted, but in no event t DESORIPTION ACCEPTABLE BID shall said rates be greater than t l. 1946 Adams Motor Grader $1,750.00 aS fellow,s : 1. Couuty NO. 1-11 Pastor Wm. H. Dibert heavy populated centers of a:_ ..a^ .^ .. ....  !of bearing the sme has beo Serial No. 984 Ph 4 .... ] - ; ua u x p in our Monday, July 2,2, 1963, at 10:0 Engine No T.D.F.M 12637  .  one. z -zo . coumy. . .. .  I northern counties. iu the courtroom of said court Model 511--12 $2.50 per month A C Grader---County No. 70 $1,500.00 ezer oaa a anaon .venue t Both pieces of legislation, i oe-[ --   [Courthouse, in Quincy, Californi$ Serial No. D 1885 Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. lieve, will help our people of the  m   Dated April 3, 1963. Engine No W.D. 289188 PA. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. ]Second Assembly District I use zne wan! Ads I By BAIBARA lUNGE, DeP u Model--D April 11 -- May 30, 1963 Training Union, 6:30 p.m. Assembly Bill 319 amends the Evening Worship, 7:30 pan. present law to include logging 12. Stake Side Bed's $75.00 each (Wooden) With Racks 1--12 ft. x 7 ft. 1--14 ft. x 7 ft. 6 in 1. Est. 200 gal. oil Heater $50.00 Oounty No 4-51 No. pump--No Motor 1. 400 gal. Oil Heater $100.00 Little Ford Bituminous Serial -- W Model--101 -- 4B Dual Tires 6.50 x 20 Machine No. 25085W1027 1. Visconein Pump $50.00 County No 4-45 3 inch No. S9351 1. 2ModelserialtnCh No.7bPUmp---Hmemade81324 $50.00 I County No. 2-50 I. 3 inch Pump--Oounty No. 5-45 $50.00 Model -- 61309 .Serial  W -- 13 Mid-week Prayer Services  !contractors and sawmill operators Wednesday, 7 p.m. contractors among the lumber in-  I dustrv emuloyers Who must post TAYLORSVILLE COMMWNITY, b..^a ,_, vrovide other securities to . METHODIST CHURCH !cover payment of wages for era-I oames W. Marsmrs, 'astor ]oloyees Morning Worship, 9:30 a.m. l-2his "bil laiso designates that I Sunday School 10:45 a.m. I the bond or securities must be Prayer Circle, Tuesday, l0 a.m. I posted to cover a period of "four l Coffee Hour Friday, 10:30 a.m. / weeks" rather than "one pay per- I FULL GOSPEL INDIAN " " '" " I lod" as is stipulated m the older MISSION law enacted in 1957. i (a) For private dwelling houses, wet and dry garbage or rub- bish in 30 gallon cans: (b) For special pick-ups, such as brush, rubbish and boxes, for each piek-tp : $2.00 per 30 gallon can $5,00 per cubic yard (c) For res.taurants, hotels, cafes stores, and :aim lar places of tmsiness and Sa.ctories, wet or dry garbage; for each 30 gallon can : 1 pick-up per week $3.50 per month 2 plck-nps per week $5,50 per month 3 pick-ups per week $6.50 par month (d) Fr restaurants, hotels, eafes, stores and similar places of ,business, and factories, for boxes, paper and other rb- 'bish : $4.00 per cubic yard (e) For restaurants, hotels, cfes, stores aud similar plcea of busineas and factories, where cans are not used: $4.00 per cubic yard (f) For the removal of ashe Old Taylorsville Road Mr. Cordova, Pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Evening Worship, 7 p.n SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 210 Crescent Street J. H. Nixon, Pastor Salbath Se2aool10 a.m. Worship Service 11 an. ST, ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Jessie Street Father Charles Fagan, (Quincy) Mass Sundays, 10 a.m. First Friday of each month, 8 p.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST Crescent Street Across from Texaco Station Bible Study o 1:30 p.m. Sunday Clases - 1:30 p.m. This is an important addition to the present law, for even in this t day and age, too many men with families to support were losing i hard earned wages. The loss of such vages oten [is a blow to the economy of an entire community, and I feel the passage of this legislation will halt any future wage losses to the employees in the lumber industry. Jobl Aid Senate Joint Resulation 5, which Senator Began and I co.authored, is aimed at reducing the distance that unemployed persons must travel in our lesser populated areas in order to obtain their un- employment insurance checks. Presently, many persons in our northern counUes must travel long I distances, using precious money for gasoline, to pick up their checks simply because federal pol- This Equipment, with the exception from incinerators not exeeed- of the 1946 Adams Grader, may be ing 60 gallons in capacity: seen at the Quincy Maintonance Yard $ 4.00 each esrvice of the Pluma County Road Department. (g) For the use of a truck or Tim said 1946 Adams Motor Grader may s-peci,al service width driver: be ,seen at the Beckwourth County Yard. $15.00 per hour Said property will be sold aa is and (h) ()onstrution waste: where is to the highest bidder by ,Idi $15.00 per hour Board of Supervisors, in tho Supervisors! All equipment proposed to be used for I Iom, Court House, Quincy, Oaiifornia, i the colleotion of gavbag and 'bbish at 2:00 o'clock p.m., on MAY 6, 1983. shall meet tho following specficatioua. The Board of Supervisors reserves the GAR&GE: Equipment med or the right to accept or reject any and all ollection and hauling of garbage bds. (hall be of the enek)sod-type truck Dated this April 1, 1963. and be acceptable to the Pluma IK)IS KEH;PER, County Olerk County Health Department. and Exafficio Clrk of the IUB:BIiH : Equipment rased exclu- Bard of Suparvisors of the steely for the collection of rubbish Cunty O4 Plumas, Stats of Clifornia. may bu .any suitable type, .but shall APril 25; May 2, 1963 QGP be provided with ouverings SO ade- quately contain the rubbish within the truek body. YOUNG AND YOUNG Any franchiso granted hereunder shall Attorneys at Law continue for a period of tau (10) years -nc,aclifornreet .Irom ,rue date of execution thereof ex-  y, .. a ' eept a othorwie provided heeein' and Phone: Quincy 17 . will *.- -..*^a .. - . '. . Attorneys for lrlaintifI Suervisora ,^ , .... ,: ........ SUPER[O OOUIT OF E S e,   lv pl)lt,v,Ib WhO my De,6tlo AT,TDTTA   FTTMrv th low ............... e , (st qualified ,bidder to perform l ...... OP PhIMAS" .... th.yrr:hg:mgr:P'eldereunder salltINDIAN VAIEY GRANGE, No. 439, I Worship ervices - 2:30 p.m. icy says that unemployment of- Bible Study- Thursday- 8 p.m. flees must be located according 4 i' Custom Cleaners a corporat,on Plaintiff provide that if, during the term thereof " ' v " any part O4 the forosaid territory shali]ALr =o .vs.,,,,., ) e, dme annex';o7 et ar%Y' iruge claiming any right, titl0, estate, ) -'th ..... ',o. a. '.', c', ._,m lien or interest in the real prop- ) erty de.erib00 iu the com00l00iut thi State ani = authorized to e prSi 'adverse to llaintiff's owerahip ' , . or any elouu u pl&intiff's garbgu collect.ton nd dsposal, and is title thereto Deendanta ) performing aaid service, the franchise i ' No 6171" ) shdl become inoperative aa to sueh ter- S U M' M O N S ritory ninety (90) days ,thereafter. [ a= vVL  aJ .m Tne Board of Supervisors reserves the le'" v" ,, OF right .to reje, any and all bids or waive: ALL PEISONS UNKNOWN claiming I fma2tYepfrtb;r)euitcYh n oy,rany right title estate Hen o'r interest ' .  P ;in the real propert described in the to be for the best interest O4 the unty comMatnt cuo o oao .^ .o;. of Plumas. In detormining th best bid'-:f own'-'-''-" ..... -'''""  '"" the co ' . ,  rmp, or auy etoua upon meth300:[ th, plaintiff's ttt,e thereto, . a s,[ran oe gxven a YOU AND F-,AOII OF YOU, are hereby least aS gre,t a weight as other factors direeted to appear and answer the nora- Any franchise granted hereunder ehail nlaint in an action entitled as ve provide tlt during the term thereof rought against you in the Surtor the franchise holder slall maintain- '[ o'-rt -* "h "t t ..... " -- (a) A 'busines- - .... ' I t u I 0  a e ei t.lliornla, m B ff IlC Wln re lar haurs, gu ,and for the Oou,nty of Plum, within (b) Telephone service, j ;ten days after the service upma you of () Regular billing of aecount. . this attmmona, if secved within this Oounty, or within thirty daya if served Ay frenehise granted hereuuder shall elsewkere. provide: And you are hereby notified that, unless you appear and answer ae &bore required, the said plaitnif will take judgment for any money or damage demanded in the complaint es arising upon eotret or will apply o the Court for any other relief demanded in the complaint. The object of this action is to make the abov defendants set forth the 1. That during the term th'eof the franchiso holder shall pay So the County ten (10) percent of tho annual revenue received bv reason of the operation of d business under said franchise, which percentage shall be payable on or ,before thirty (30) days net uceeding the end of eseh contract year under said fran- chise nature o4 their claim, or claims, to the ......  ......... real property in the complaint end n OIU in a!lon tO tn0 alnoung  r ' " ' offered for e .f1anchima --' .. he emafter described, if ay they have the rates wLeh-.---.'r',. u.. sp.ecHy and that such claim or elims be ad charge for he" serneesluuer"In'ren' I judged to be of no effect and void, end IgpecileU herein In ff tlbl tO S ---...a-- o... . ' " that pla' ti 'S " e aid real prop An- franchiso r t .... ery be qmeted against them. furtheYr ,,va. g n ea nereunuer snail That said real property is aituate in 1. a'iu'in'g the term thereof no the .Oounty .of Plumas, State of California hotahnl - ;h' t'- - '-. &nu le purtlCUlarly ueserlOed ee IOlIGWS: are,l,beran _no zracmse All of Lot 8 O4 Block 2 of the Ulren to eontraet : Townaite of Taylorsville as said lot and block are design&ted and delin0- atad ou the Official Plat of said Townsite on file in the office of the Oounty Reoorder of the Oouty of Plumu, State of Californ|a. GIVEN under my hand and the seal [of the Superior Cuut of the State [of Oalifornie, in and for the eaid County ]of Plum&s, this 8th day of April, 1968. I(*AL) LOI KEHRER, Clerk 'Aprd  11, 18, SS, May 2, 1968 4 PICKUP ! 4 4 CLEANING AND LAUNDRY AT 4 Gift House z WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY STARTING MAY l ARTICLES MAY BE LEFT AT Frederick Gift House DURING THE WEEK AAAk,&.AAAAAAA.d.A.AAAAAAAAAAA,JAAAAA Mrs. Donna Wharton, Mxs. Connie: GEORGE V;. I.I)V[C,I{, 'Jorgenson, Miss Sandy Mc Nell, [ Lake Ahnanor P(minsula. [ County, California, Ronto ' Mrs. Cora Mc Nell, Mrs. Ava i '-)7"- ), VCestwood, California 'lClark, Mrs. Sue M:eeks, Mrs. Jo[ IIELEN B. RAI)VICH, Lake Ahnanor Peninsula, Waddell, 1Vfiss Jackie Waddcl, [ County, California, Route , Mrs. Ester Rilea, Mrs. Melody ! 272, Westwe0d, Califernia. 1N WITNESS W}tEIG;()F Wc,. hereunto set our hands tl Ls ilth a Medley, Mrs. Martha Gardner, I 'and Miss Terry Kiefer. I.\\;pril, 1.q63S/ GEORGE W R.;' Those sending gifts: Mrs. Eliz_. /s/ HELEN B. iADVI abeth Wedser; Mrs. Pat lVartin; STATE OF CAIAFORNIA ).SS Mrs. Pauline Vogan; Mrs. Leona COUNTY OF PLUMAS ) On this 111h day of April 1963, Gakle; Mrs. 1Vary Lou Medley 'me. YON L. EDWARDS: a Notaff Mrs. Marydell Phelps; Miss Mar-.lic i and for the said O0i thanne Hackney; Mrs. Dorothy Pluma, State of California, therein (lulv commissioned and  Ingwersen; 1Vrs. Maxine Stewart; persen[lly a'ppeared GEOR,GE W, hXS. Dorothy Mock and Mrs. VICt[ a d H Ll!]N B. I{AI)VIC[], and wbose names are subscribed Shelly Sheets. ,to me to be the i)ersoas descri,. I within instrument and acknowle line that they executed the same t to population density. ! IN WITNESS WIIEREOF, i Our Resolution calls upon Con-ihereunt set my hand and affi official seal in said County ef r, gress to appropriate additional the (lay and )'oar in this certific st ahce writ t( n. funds for establishment of un- /s/ V0N L. EDWARDS employment offices in the more Notary Public in:' and for Cmnty of Plums, State 0 sparsely settled areas to reduce California the necessity of travel for jobless Theodore G. Elges iAttorney at Law persons. ( i y, California i Since this Resolution has pass- Endorsed: Filed LOiS l':EttiEl, Clerk 'ed and now is filed with the Sec- t), tAI{.BAtA .lUNGE, ])eputy : retary of State, my next step willlAl 'ril AS, "; lay , 9, 1 be to again contact Mr. John ALAN H. THIELEI------ !Henning, under-secretary Of La- Quincy, California Telephone: Quincy 118 ;bor in Washington, D. C. to work Attorney for Petitioner out an equitable program. SUPERIOR COU1L'P OF THE ST Mr. Henning already has as- CALIFOPNIA FOR TtE o0U PLUMAS I-I :sured me he wil give our pro. Estate of SAMUEL V. FISi posal for more unemployment in- known a.s S. V. FISIIEt isurance offices serious considera- FISHEI and S. FISHER, s Person. i tion. No. 356 I NOTICE OF HEARING F i In order to be of service to the Fr APPOINTMENT O' AD !unemployed, I have every hope TIIX FOR ESTATE OF MISSI that this program, as called for SON. .... I NOTICIE IS HEREBY GIVF. ln the Senate Joint Resolution,, EDNA FISHER, tbe wife of S. [will culminate in the establish-iFISHER, an alleged missing P I filed herein a PETITION I.X ment of the additional and badly POINTMENT OF A1)MINIb.. needed employment offices. They I FOR ESTATE OE MISSING P ferenee to which is re,ode for will cost little, and will mean a particulars, and that the time sg Paint Sa DISCONTINUED COLORS 20% OFF (LIMITED BUILDERS SUPPLY' DIVISI00 OF COLLINS PINE CO. the garbage collectio service of- fered by the franchise, holder and hl be permiCted to collect and haul his own garbage to the dump 2 That the franehise hlder shall de-" Oait all ganbag eolleetod by bim one or more of the four county dumpa in he aid franchise area. 3. That in the event the Boaxd of pervao .should tdopt an or- dinance making i.t mandatory for ll householders withl the are t@ OUTBOARD ,OWNERS BRINGYOUR MOTOR00IN THIS WEEK LET US TUNE IT UP! We'll tune up your outboard motor for top per- formance, and easy starting. Complete engine check. Experienced on all makes of motors. Give your engine the loving care it deserves.., brin it in this week.., we'll have it purring like new for you the first day you take it out! Stop by for a look at the 1963 MERCURYS, tool 6 to 100 horpower, all with Jet-Prop exhaust- Four authorized L BOWS OUTBOARD SHOP :iff Acrosg from Elementary School _.aA Phone 258-5171 CHESTER, CALIFOKn'::I (In Quincy See The Power House) ,:il