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March 18, 1950     Chester Progressive
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March 18, 1950

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A JOB? 90-M CAR WASH INTERIOR TIRES FREE PICKUP DELIVERYI /r MOTOR SALES California J ' boy or girl away from Ichool or in the service-- YOur home-town paper? is sure to be much only $1.50! expect to find i variety store-- priced riqht! VALLEY 5 & 10 S. Standart, owner California Valley Post No. 568 LEGION AUXILIARY 8COND MONDAY OF MONTH AT 7:30 p.m. and service mqn welcome GREENVILLE LODGE No. 252 let and 3rd Saturdays- at Oddfellows Hall, California Allen, Noble Grand Hunt Secretary VALLEY GRANGE N. 439 and Third Tuesday of 8 p.m - Taylorsville KUNZLER, Master DEFANTI, Secy. I|ll*"|.|=*|l|.lj,|*t.,.,.=.l.lm..i.., LODGE 132, F. &A. M. Friday each month, 8 p.m. Brothers Welcomel Wixom, Master ePber Holt, Secretary & SAWMILL UNION - AFL Local No. 2647 SUnday of each month in Old Library Hall lILLE .:. CALIFORNIA dOE PALAZZI, president GIESICK, tUl. Agent and 8ecy..Trealg YOUr democratic rights-- printing at home! (Continued from le0nd page) 227.52, Donakl B. Simpson 230.63, ireland R. Gillespie 218.80, Eva Cayot 112.79, Peggy Allen 182.50, J. O. Moncur 248.95, Arthur J. Watson 274.76, Marcus J. McBeen Sr. 269.01, Claire C. O'Rourke 159.37, Lottie Donnenwirth 161.62, Cornelius J. Gallup 247.41, Elean- ,:)re N. Redstreake 168.70, State Treas. (judge's retirement deduc- tion) 6.77. Salary Claims Paid During January 1950 Evelyn Braden 133.02, Beatrice Hunt 67.97, Linda Standart $40, Everett A. Smith 93.10, Gladys E Smith 72.20, Guy Burns $75, Fred L. Fogg $75, Carl F. Lindsey $10, Bertha Lee Semans 25.70, Wayne L+ Speegle 33.84, Ila L. Larison 7.65, Peggy Allen 51.66, Joan Ten- mint $15, Reid Seeley 16.53. County Road Commissioner Quincy P.O. $5. Quincy P.O. 4.98, Pac. T & T 18.85, Armanko Office Supply Co. 3.65. F. R. Bul- letin 12.05, Morrill & Machabee 2.72, Oroville Typewriter Co. 9.52, Alexander Motor Co. 5.93, C. E. Fqackman $150 (mileage), E. J. Humphrey ,19.92 (mileage), Flor- ence D. labertson 47.04. SALARY WARRANTS, Francis L O'Rourke 3873, Florence D. Robertson q9.03, Arthur L. Ingalls 161.42, Eunice A. Crawford 35.80, Eunice A. Crawford 155.30, Eunice A. i Crawford 57.34. Road Improvement Fund Secondary C H O',Rourke $10, Sidney Ya- ger 117.50, Alexander Motor Co. $3, i Amer. Valley Lbr. Co. 95.31, At- !kins Lbr & Supply Co. 44.12, J. B. Breen 283.53, Brown M, otors Inc. 128.46. Brown Motors Inc. 3.08, Buran Equip. Co. 4.11, Calif. State Auto Assn. 13.16, Diamond Match Co. 26.48, F. R. Auto Parts 80.23, 9'. R. Garage 92.17, Greenville Machine Works 28.07, Harnisch- 'eger Corp. 3.59, Long's Idwe. 5.62, Mattice Tire Service 186.94, 7. L. Miller 13.33. F. L. Miller 8.45, Motor Suvply Co. 144.61, Nevada Squip. Serv. I8.77, O. K. Rubber Welders 29.41, 3. K. Rubber Welders 89.07, Peele Dire Equip. (Do. 5.60, Richfield Oil Corp. 292.]5, Reno Motor Supply Co. 333.08, Safe-T-Gal Decal Co. ;6.19, Ssnford Tractor & Equip. Co. 437.46. Sierra Machinery Co. i'.36, Sierra Oxygen Co. 25.70, Si- ,rra Oxygen Co. 6.50, Sierra Oxy- 'en Co. 1.75, Shell Oil Co. 3.20, Shell Oil Co. 1,550.20, Skillern Chevrolet Co. 67.91, Bill Sobrero :4.60, Standard Oil Co. 61.52, Standard Oil Co. 50.05, L. E. Ter- ell 11.62, Williams !otor Salefi 169.31, Yount Sand & Gravel 2.26, Calif.-Pac Utilities Co..72, P+G. &E. 3.06, P.G.&E..70, Plumas si- PROPER CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS ARE NOT PAINFUL! A chiropractor's hands are the tools he uses. to correct spinal irregularities. :Nerve to all parts of the body" emit between the various spinal segments. Pain and disease often result from nerve pres- sure due to vertebral dis- placements. Correction of such displacements removes the cause. DR. WM. DAVIE Licensed Chiropractor WOLF CREEK ROOMS Phone 34-M-4 Greenville SUBSCRIBE TO THE RECORD-- er ii;er Hot Springs "The Friendly Place" ,g Room Now Open : Twain 2 THE STOWELLS ".oo..,aoooeoeoooooooaoooooooo*oee WATER WELL DRILLING + .... ANY SIZE OR DEPTH IRRIGATION WELLS ARE OUR SPECIALTY Write or Telephone ' N. R. JESSEE Box 4 - ALMANOR -- Route 4, Box 224, Chico ANClNG SATURDAY NIGHT at the Lounge OF THE GREENVILLE INN FAVORITE BEVRAGE MIXED BY OUR EXPERTS AT GALLUP' OFFICE EMPLOYMENT FOLDER AVAILABLE TO VETS The basic things a veteran sD9uld know about the special ser- vices to which he is entitled when he is looking for a suitable job are summed up in a new folder obtainable from C. J. Gallup, Veterans' Service Officer. The folder defines "veteran" and "preferential treatment" (dis- abled) veteran as classified for California ,State Employment Ser- vice purposes; lists the types of special services available, includ- ing priority in referrals, employ- ment counseling, and assistance erra REA $2, Pub. Utilities Calif. Corp. 4.35. Warrants Paid Bill O'Rourke 69.20, George Pri- meau 69.20, John W. Augustine 214.55, Julius S. Cable 216.40, Richard K. Dean 262.70, Marion olchi 269.40, Phillip H. Frame 18535, William 1. Fuller 192.49. Clarence E. Ghidossi 295.71, Nor-[ riB D. Hall 198.73, Chas. R. Ka.vor 22.95, Joseph P. Lawry $117, Wal-I lace K. Lawry $130, Owen P. Me-i Garr 307.01, Bruno Maddelenai 232.48, Paul C. Meusling 248.28 I Bill O',Rourke $59, Lester C. O'-. Rourke 198.10, Thomas J. Rhine- hart 216.69, Harley A. Siler 270.80, i Albert S. Smith 333.65, Tileo N. Sobrero 304.49, Wilsey E. Steven- son 2,61.35, Alonzo Stewart 143.96, Harold L. Thomas 145.36, James Leggo Thomas Sr. 148.28, Joseph Lyle Thomas 207.16, Eugene K. Whipple 28586, Jhn L. Whiting 122.61, Wayne Woodward 221.60, Sidney Yager 320.40, Julius S. Ca- ble $104, Phillip H. Frame ;100. Alonzo Stewart $115, HarOld L. Thomas $108, James Lag'go Thom- as Sr. $108, Joseph Lyle Thomas $91, State Bd. of Equal. (consum- er's use tax, 3 moB.) 50.65, Rich-. ard Earl Bishop $27. Primary Roads and Bridges Builder's Supply 3.90, Judson Pa- cific-Murphy Corp. 800.56, Wm. S. Young 28.43, E. G. McLain (equip. rental) $140. A:RRATS PAID, Norris D. Hall $26, William 1. Fuller $23, Thomas J. Rhinehart $23, Wilsey E. Stevenson $23, Tony hill $174, Joseph P. Lawry 245.35, Wallace K. Lawry 192.47, Earl W. Lehen Jr. 285.01, Richard Ma- deira 31.50, Marion Folchi $6, Wil- liam 1. Fuller 11.50, BOB Construc- tion Co. $5,341.90, Twain Lumber Co. 846.35; Matrion Folchi $6. Legal Notice NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS NOTIOE IS I-IE[R]BY GIVEN that the Gverning Board of the Plumas Unified School District, Quincy, California, will receive bids for the furnishing *of all la- bor, materials, transportation and ervice for the installation of a gire door, exits, and stairway at he Greenville Jr Sr High. School, reenville, California (Plumas County). Each bid to be in accordance with the plans and specifications now on file in the ffice of the District Superintendent, Plumas lYnified School District, Quincy, Plumas County, California, where same may be examined and cop- ies obtained. Each bid shall be made on a form to be obtained at the office said: District Superintendent .... nd must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or bid bond 9or ten per cent, (1{)%) of the amount bid, made payable to the order of the Governin loard of the PlumBs Unified School District, and shall be sealed .nd filed with the Dtstrict Super- intendent, Ralph L. Harmer, of the Plumas Unified School Dis- trict, Quincy, California on or be- fore Tuesday the 4th day ,of April, 1950, .at 8:00 P.M.. and will bc opened and read aloud in public' it or about 8:00 P.M. of that day in the District Offices at the Leon- hardt Building, Quincy, California: The above mentioned check or bond shall be given as a guaran- tee that the bidder will enter into contract if awarded the work and will be declared forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter into said cntraet or to fur- nish the necessary bonds after be- ing requested to do so by the Gov- erning Board of the DiStrict, The successhfl bidder will be requlreo to furnish a labor and material bond in an amount equal to fifty per cent (50%) of the contract price and a faithful performance bond in an amount equal ba fifty per cent (50%) of the contract price, said bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfac- tory to the Governing Board of the District. Bidders are hereby notified that vursuant to law. the Governing from veterans' employment re- presentatives; and explains in non- technical terms the procedure fol- lowed by CSES in handling a vet- oran's application. Gallup sakl the folder was pub- lished by the State Department of Employn]ent in response to a gen- erally expressed need. The state- wide Veterans' Advisory Commit- tee to the Director of Employ- ment, consisting ,of California commanders of four leading vet- erans' organizations, assisted in the preparation of the folder. Veterans should read this con* cise folder before applying for job placement througl the CSES, in Gallup's opinion. Copies are avail- able at room 3 third floor, Court House, Quincy, and also at the tate Employment Service at the King Building in Quincy. GONE TO ANCHORAGE Mr and Mrs. R. S. Bartholf re- ceived a phone call Thursday eve- ning hom Ralph Jr., at Great .alls, Mont., advising that he was flying to Anchorage, Alaska, to ;)e stationed there with the U.S. Air Corps. 'Is your boy or girl away from home--at school or in the service--- receiving your home-town paper? it's a gift that is sure to be much appreciated--and only $1.50! Register by Mar. 13 - Vote June 6! Maintain your democratic rights-- CALl_ FOR BIDS NOTICE IS IIEREBY GIVEN that the Governing :oard of the Plumas Unified School District Quincy, California, will receive bids for the furnishing of all labor materials, transportation and ser- vices for the erection of a class- room building consisting of two classrcoms, offices, toilet rooms and appurtenances thereto, on the i property now known as the Sher- ick Property, to be acquired by the district and located sm,th and west ,)f th5 intersection of Ann Street with the County RoB.d, Taylors- villa, PlumBs County, California. O.Jntractors must bid on the proposition and all alternates and/or unit prices modifying the proposition. The award if any will be made to the bidder whose total proposition as modified by the al- ternates which the board deter- mines to accept is the lowest. Each bid 0o be in accordance with the Dlans and specifications now on file with the Architects. Thomson & vans, 13{)8 East 38th Street, Oakland 9, California, where same may be examined and epics obtained upon deposit of 25.00 per set which deposit will be refunded upon the return of such copies in good condition with- in five (5) days after the bids are opened. Each bid shall be made on a form to be obtained at the office of the said architects, and must be accompanied bv a certified or cashier's check "or a bid bond for ten percent (10%) of the amount .f the bid, made payable to the order of the Governing Doard of the Plumas Unified School Dis- trict and scaled and filed with the District Superintendent Ralph L Harmer, of the Plumas Unified School District, Quincy, California n or before Tuesday the 4th day of April, 1950 at 8:00 P.M. and will be opened and publicly read Moud at or about 8:00 P.M. of that day in the district offices at the Leonhart 1Suilding, Quincy, Cali- fornia. The above mentioned checks or bonds shall be given as a guaran- tee that the bidder will enter into ontracts if awarded the work. and will be declared forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter into said contracts or to fur- ]ish the necessary bonds after be- hg requested to do o by the Gov- erning I.oard of the District. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a labor and material bond in an amount equal to fifty )ercent (59{.) of the contract )rices and a faithhfl per:orma:nce bond in an amount eouat to nu ) percent (50;) of the contract )rice, said bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfac- tory to the Governing Board of the District. A list of such surety com- nanies is on file in the office of the architects. Bidders are hereby notified that 9ursuant to law, the Governing Roard of the District has ascot- 'rained the general prevailing rate of per diem wages and rates for legal holidays in the locality " is to be performed for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute the contract, which will be awarded the suc- cessful bidder. The prevailin rates so deter- THE CHESTER PROGREiRIVE SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1950 i iii i NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE THIS IS GOOD BURNING WEATHER Now is the time to burn that pile of trash. No need for a burn- ing permit and none will be re- quired untill April 1. The precaution of cleaning up aroud your dwelling and other buildings may save you the ex- pause of rebuilding them That dry grass could ignite your home or barn causing you serious fi- nancial loss as well as a broken heart .... It may save ]dour life or the life of your loved ones. County ordinance 229 requires that all buildings have a 30 foot area cleared of inflammable ma- terial. This law is meant to pro- tect the home owner as well as the forest. What Are au Doing About It. The race progresses only by the extra achievement of the individ- ual--YOU ARE THE INDIVID- IAL.-- Anonymous NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE Sealed bids will be received by the Forest Supervisor, U. S. For- est Service, Quincy, California, up to and including 2:00 P.M., April 3, 1950, for all the live timber marked or designated for cutting, and all merchantable dead timber located on an area embracing about 819 acres within Sections 15, 21 and 22, T. 26N., R. llE., M.D.M., Plumas National Forest California, estimated t,o be ap- )roximately 2,179 M feet b.m. of Ponderosa Pine, 484 M feet b.m. of Sugar Pine, 935 M feet b.m. of White Fir and Red Fir, 1,737 M feet b.m. of Douglas Fir, 269 M feet b.m. of Incense Cedar, more or less. No bid will be considered of less than $12.45 per M feet b.m. i%r Ponderosa Pine, $14.25 per M feet b.m. for Sugar Pine, $2.65 per M feet b.m. for White Fir, $3.65 per M feet b.m. for Douglas Fir, $2.65 per M feet b.m. for lncense Cedar. In addition, the purchaser will be required to make deposits for reforestation and other sitvi- cultural work on this sale area at the rate of $0.35' per M feet b.m. for all merchantable material scaled. In addition, the purchaser will be required to make deposits to cover the cost to the United States for hazard reduction work at the rate of $0.15 per M feet b.m. merchantable scale all spe- cies. In addition the purchaser will be required to convey to the United States rights-of-way sat- isfactory to the Forest Supervisor Per those roads across private land which are extensions of or which connect the roads authorized by this agreement to the public road system. $3,000 must accompany each bd to be applied on the pur- chase price, refunded, or retained in part as liquidated damages, ac- cording to conditions of sale. The right to reject any and all bids reserved. BeOare bids are submit- ted full information concerning the timber, the conditions of sale, and the submission of bids should be obtained from the Forest Super- visor, Quincy, California, or Dis- trict Ranger, Greenville, California. (Publish March 2 and March 16) OF STOCK-IN-TRADE AND FIXTURES OF A MERCHANT NOTICE IS HEPEBY GIVEN that Viola M. Van Fleet. whose address is Greenville, PlumBs County, California, the intended vendor, intends to sell to Felton B. Heine, the intended vendee, whose address is Greenville, Plu- mas County, California, all of the furniture, fixtures and stock-in- trade of that certain business heretofore carried on in the Town of Greenville, County of PlumBs, State ,3f California. in the name of Van's Fountain Lunch. A general descripV.on of the property to be conveyed is tire stock-i-trade of candies, ice cream and soda fountain supplies and all furniture, fixtures and equipment of a candy and soda fountain business. Said sale will be consummated and the consideration therefor paid at said premises, in said Town ,f Greenville on qaturday, the 1st day of April,,1950, at the hour of 0 o'clock A.M., of said day. VIOLA M. VAN FLEET NOTICE OF ELECTION FOR FIRE DISTRICT COMMISSIONER GREENVILLE FIRE DISTRICT N:OTIC IS I-_iRBY GIVEN TO TI-E ELECTORS OF THE Greenville Fire District, that the annual election of a Commissioner for the Greenville Fire District will be held at the Town Hall, Green- ville, California, on the first Mon- day in April, to-wit: April 3rd, 1950. It will be necessary to elect one Commissioner. The polls will be open from one o'clock P.M. to six o'el, ock PM. Dated: March 14. 195(;. F. E. KAMPSCHMIDT F. L. MILLetS. M. D. AYOOB Commissioners of Greenville Fire District. (Publish March 16-23) (R) --Political Advertlsing-- I E. H. (JOHN) ORR CANDIDATE FOR SHERJFF & CORONER OF PLUMAS COUNTY $ $ * Ten Years' of Experience as PlumBs County Undersherifl -- 11 I RE-ELECT CHESTER HARD (INCUMBENT) PLUMAS C0. ASSESSOR TAX COLLECTOR OF PLUMAS COUNTY ] I LONG DISTANCE MOVING Allied for Nationwide STOPPEL - PHONE 5903 P.O. Box 1758 Westwood L III II I SAWS CUT LIKE NEW when sharpened by machine RE-TOOTHING " GUMMING " FILING LAWN MOWERS CUT BETTER AND push easier if shc00pened by machine GREENVILLE SAW SHOP Office: Greenville Shoe Shop - Next to The ecord Office Poard of the District has ascer- mined are as follows: tained the general prevailing rate ss o WOs sc,- Ps2", 7--- " " ,f per diem wages and rates for arpene .................................. .'.l legal holidays and overtime work Cabinet Worker ...................... .--. t in the locality in which this work Cement Finisher .................... 2.20 I I" ----- I otPerfrmed for each craft Glazier ,,Electrircian ................................ '00 11 GuAGE HAUMNG s to be I workman or mech.anie Glazl to execute the c+ct+l t,-: er'i e!n'''iiiiiiii:::: ...... wIU be awstrdl to ,+o,+ . ............. ,.:...:+.S.t++ lm:,ofers ' +:.-:,,:+,+-:+:,:r-,-',,----,+,T+7 : l arpenters --. . ..,220 ISheet Me+al worKe ......... ; ..... ova/ A ' A ....... Cement Finisher ............... All other trades not hereinab ! FOR AN e x)ECIL SE]/II P]8[O 4ll'Vlr 3-M I Laborers .................................... 1.45 I 1 mentioned to receive wage pres- Painters ............. :---: ................ 1.9 cribed for that particular craft or " ..... , hereinabovel tYDe of workman. Eight (8I hqurs +.,++o+ ,++. "+1 PLI00AS DlSPOSJ00 & TRBK]NG ntioned to receive win++ E: ". I L+;_:'2:::;++ mneeieiel in u' )u agree .--'"- " ' craIt u= OLlltr'v,,. '+' ' " J-- " --  r + cribed for that pa.c.r8) hoursl ments +A1 lab+r to roe:we double type of worKman:,torl  unless I ti'e f0r' overtime, unlcsn otner LESLIE SLIGH JAMES ALLEN I onstitute a uy  --- labor tol wise specified in union scare, an( eciImo - " " , +therw'se-S{e time for overtime I double tim,:: on .ho_l.,dYSeiTnholtOur: ......................................... -ecewc :uu -^:-:^+ in" UU nl IV wage prescrlueu ..... , , , " . . lSe S ec] unless onerw" ----nn holidays.lthe per diem rate di.vided b..V the 3abLe LIIIIC ++- qcale+ and c .... cribed here-I aforeme,tioned number o nour ._u., t..+a+o:ementioned urn.e, ne   ..T-:::a-gere;ratdidr|Ct!tun-e,,w/l':%2Yof th+ GET YOUR EASTER ed by tne ; ...... a working[District reserves the right to re- PERMANENT NOW! qf hours consULtLUIg "" do,, / ]ect any and all bids and/or waive he Governing BoardtofttheeDicSt/canYertIgtularsttYtlnrwl ny rbeqli;:d SPECIAL F0R MARCH triet reserves th )--,aive any I b v law no dder may withdra,, and all DItS anl/Ur w .... }ny ............ v,;,q received his bid for a period of thirty tu Fregu'L'Sv----LL22,,%':- b-law days after the date set tor 'tne unless oumrwme r4 ....... '  RAYETTE COLD WAVE bdde may withdraw his bid opening thereof. no " -- .... = *-'-' .... '30 days, By order of the Governing Board  $15,00 PERMANENT WAVE FOR ONLY $101 or a peI'lOa UI tillib,,v t !  ' t .... - - - , Ch nrmnin of the Plumas Umhed Scnom ater tne Qate set , ..... r  District thereof.  \\;.,  ," r* =retarv By order of the Governing Boaro . .:. '.. 5;:'";,, , ho0] (IJI.IDIISh MaIcn lb- ,, , Of 'the Plumas Unified Se  " " '"" PAL'S BEAUTY SHOP District. Subscribe to your lmme town R. ,L. H,tMIR, Secretary (PUblish March 16-3-S0) (R) paper. Help it to help you! Mary Stmnpf]L oporator Phone 87-M-3 Greenville ttttt!t t| t t tt ft t I , ram, iii tt t