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March 12, 2014     Chester Progressive
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March 12, 2014

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12B Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter RENEWABLE... from page 9B 200,000 gallons annually. Finally, increased utilization of forest biomass to generate heat and electricity also has the potential to create needed long- and short-term jobs in Plumas County. A stronger market for woody biomass will help turn marginal timber sales more profitable. More acres will be treated because contractors won't be reliant on the value of the timber alone. Workers will be needed to produce and transport the wood chips burned in the thermal boilers. Finally, the construction and installation of biomass-fired facilities and combined heat and power plants will provide employment opportunities for local building contractors. The prospect of utilizing biomass to generate heat and electricity is somewhat contentious, and not without good reason. There are valid concerns about air quality, carbon dioxide emissions and sustainability of feedstock. The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment recognizes that without proper safeguards significant harm could be done to both the environment and to the communities where facilities will be located. That is why we are working with stakeholders across Plumas Country as well as with state and federal agencies and other organizations to ensure that any bioenergy technology employed locally is both clean and efficient. The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment is deeply committed to promoting community well-being and environmental integrity. As such, we support sustainably harvested woody biomass, and do not advocate harvesting methods that threaten vital habitat or do not follow the regulations set forth under state and federal environmental laws. We are confident, however, that increased utilization of woody biomass will directly benefit the Plumas community by creating new jobs and strengthening current ones, taking a step toward reducing risk of catastrophic wildfire and by reducing and stabilizing heating costs at major public facilities in Plumas County. LETTERS... from page 9B government. It is without public participation. Appointing an ad hoc committee to meet with two members of the Board of Supervisors opens the opportunity for negotiations to be held in closed session. The "don't get it" majority continue to undermine the trust in the City Council. This unethical practice was used in negotiations with the city and county to get the Lake Davis Water Treatment Plant on-line without the public's consent or approval. We are now paying the price. It is time for concerned citizens to elect officials that get it and demand a new city attorney that serves at the pleasure of the public. Larry F. Douglas Portola Councilwoman should resign Conservatives, Hispanics and a few democrats can ignore this thrashing, but the shoe fits for elected city officials. Councilwoman Pat Morton demonstrated poor leadership and bigoted ethnic bias at the last City Council meeting. Morton's Hispanic supporters are history. She could hum "Dueling Banjoes" all by herself. Not surprisingly, according to a past story in the Portola Reporter, Ms. Morton was appointed by her peers because she "lacked experience;" she's proven that. That mistake exposed the intent and intelligence quotient of the council members that appointed her. Welcome to Plumas County, and especially Portola. We're closed minded. Our family tree makes a flagpole envious. We can transmit rumors telepathically. If we disagree with your local political views or great ideas, we will destroy you by rumor, innuendo, demonization, back stabbing, harassment and flat out lying. Newcomers, if you arrived with good intentions to help this community you are absolutely wrong to try. We celebrate our stupidity, racist, bigoted, cowardly lifestyle. We're kin to Hillary Clinton. We rejoice in our nepotism, cronyism and ignorance. We wash ourselves in the blood of your personal destruction without remorse, as long as we feel self-righteous and justifiably smug in the end. We have no shame because, by God, we feel superior screwing over minorities and strangers. Congratulations, you've entered the Twilight Zone of Plumas County, where antebellum south and reconstruction collide. The Civil Rights Act and Brown v. the Board of Education never passed; Councilwoman Morton exemplifies why we're a dying community. The public should demand her public apology or her resignation for her comment about the 300 fictitious Mexicans during the Feb. 26 meeting. Ditto the same apology from City Council members that didn't "condemn" her false accusations immediately. This is sad, but true. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Comic economics Some younger generations may be upset over the inequities in LAFCo payments from city or county. But us old guys are very familiar with this system of basic economics. "One for you," "One, two, three for me." The only difference is you guys are counting higher. This system invented by the firm of Abbott and Costello was quite successful -- for Abbott and Costello. Hey, City Council, can I break that twenty for you? One for you... Ed Laurie Portola PS: Who IS on first? Confirmation letter After reading Cal Fire's ill-gotten gain from their SRA fee (illegal tax) that currently their administration cost takes 60 percent to 70 percent of those funds because of homeowner disputes, I was thinking what would happen if it took 100 percent or 125 percent? Cal Fire's rules state they will not claim property owned or controlled by the federal government or one of their agencies. That sounds like property within the boundaries of the National Forest to me. I made a trip to the USFS office in Mohawk the other day and I and most of my neighbors are within the boundaries of the National Forest. I know the federal government does have some control over private land contained within their boundaries. Sounds like a winner so far? Well, maybe not. The head ranger at USFS says Randy Wilson at the county planning department is the person that would have to write a confirmation letter that in fact your property is within the National Forest boundaries. This step seems to be very problematic. As reported to me by Supervisor Terry Swofford, the county is unwilling to write a letfer to confirm I am in the National Forest. Anyway, here is the link to Cal Fire's PDF form to be excluded from their SRA. etitionForm_081012.pdf. Maybe we should all submit this PDF just for fun? Anyone have an idea of where else to get a confirmation letter? Ed Ferguson Portola We must avoid war in Ukraine The situation in Crimea and therefore the Ukraine is extremely sensitive. It began with the present regime's ousting of a leader who was favorable to the Russians. In dealing with the situation, the West and Obama must consider the the following: the fact that 60 percent of the people are ethnically Russian and Russian flags are waving in the area; the Ukraine was part of Russia until the break-up of the Soviet Union; at this point, neither the Russian troops nor the Ukranians are eager to engage in combat; military action on our part would be unwieldy if not disastrous; sanctions could hurt our ally Japan; and Russia has an agreement with the Ukraine to keep ships in the Black Sea. Also, let us not forget that Hitler made the terrible mistake of thinking that the German immigrant population of the Ukraine would join his forces when he invaded Russia. Instead, the German immigrants identified themselves as Russian and fought against Hitler's German forces. Anyway, this is how I see things at this writing. Let's hope that the Western nations will join us in a solution that will bring all parties together and avoid bloodshed. Right now Obama does not need armchair quarterbacks and smug "told-you-so" political critics nipping at his heels. Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville Reid knows about liars I would like to explain to Mr. Harry Reid his accusation that those people who oppose his holiness are liars. That means they tell lies. If you saw him on TV you could have seen that he did not write the material himself. He had a bad time reading it, but he made it. But it is not nice to make fun of older people. I am convinced that Mr. Reid was correct. He is an expert on lies and liars. He has been around liars his whole life and is able to pick them out when he sees them, especially now. In fact, he knows that the four people in Bengazie are not dead. That was phony. The IRS did not pick on certain people and/or groups. That was and is phony. The National Security Agency is not messing with your telephones and e-mails. Those are all lies. Let's not forget the Unaffordable Care Act opposition. Oh, yes, the Tea Party members. Bad news for Harry and his followers. Real liars! In Holland they have developed a name or title for older people. The are grouped as the "Grey Plague." They get expensive, sick, don't work, and need care. Now I don't want to put Harry in that group, although he has been a plague for a long time. I don't think he is senile, yet. Maybe the people in Nevada should get a check-up. Harry may have a touch of"magnesium." I really forgot the correct word use for "whatever." Jan Klement Quincy t)aby boomers agq. more Medicare counselors neecled PASSAGES Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) is looking for individuals to help people with Medicare navigate the complex health care system. Beginning in 2011 the first "baby boomers" began to enter Medicare and it is estimated that over 10,000 boomers turn 65 each day and they'll keep turning 65 until 2029. Why should boomers or anybody choose to volunteer? Research has proved that volunteering is beneficial to the volunteer, and that there is a strong relationship between volunteering and the health of volunteers. Volunteers have lower mortality, greater functional ability and lower rates of depression. Comparisons of the health benefits of volunteering for different age groups have shown that older volunteers are the most likely to receive greater benefits from volunteering. Historian Steven Gillon calls boomers "the largest single generation in our country's history" and by volunteering boomers can continue the idealism the generation is known for. Once the initial 30-hour training is completed, candidates complete a 10-hour internship, become registered with the California Department of Aging and begin counseling at least four hours per month within their communities. HICAP volunteers help clients understand Medicare, including supplemental insurance, drug insurance, Medicare health plans and long-term care coverage. Interested candidates can call Tim Sonnenburg at 898-6641 for a job description and application. An informational orientation will be held Feb. 14 and training will begin Feb. 19. HICAP is a program of PASSAGES, an organization dedicated to help older adults and family caregivers with important services to empower them to remain confident in their ability to sustain and enjoy independent lives. For more information about available services call 800-822-0109 or go to Sudoku Puzzle #3036-D 1 2 2 3 4 6 7 8 3 8 5 Difficult 6 9 4 5 1 9 4 8 6 7 3 2 -6 1 E E N I E A is IT IR l IK IA IV Sudoku Solution #3035-D 718659423 239841576 546237981 671 392845 895714362 3245681 97 183976254 462185739 957423618 Across 1 Nickel and .6 Sends unwanted e- mails to 11 Jelly cousin 14 Scary bacteria 15 Shire of"Rocky" and "The Godfather" 16 "you kidding me?" 17 "Me and Bobby McGee" singer 19 Fisherman's item 20 Picnic pest 21 Shoes with a swoosh on them 22 Part of a movie 24 Cut 25 Slightly open, as a door 26 Had fun with 29 Antoinette or Osmond 32 Tavern on "The Simpsons" 33 Skilled 36 Large coffee holder 37 First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 40 __ Paulo, Brazil 41 It's red and white and goes on your head 43 Party thrower 44 Experts in stretching 45 Meet by chance 48 Good luck 50 First performance 51 Poker announcement 53 Halley's 54 Have lunch, say 57 Woman in a habit 58 "Ghost Dog" and "Night on Earth" director 61 Ending for Japan or Taiwan 62 Kindle purchase 63 Come after m J m 1 2 3 14 17 2O 26 27 28 32 36 41 44 48 49 51 57 61 64  n  64 __ Moines (Iowa's capital) 65 Thick, like fog 66 Slimy Down 1 vu 2 " see that!" 3 __ Blanc (highest of the Alps) 4 Quarterback Manning 5 Walt before World or Land 6 Put coal in the furnace 7 Rock, __, scissors 8 " Well That Ends Welr' 9 1002, in Roman numerals 10 Without, to the French 11 Wife of George, mother of Judy and Elroy 33 50 12 Stadium 13 It's a little longer than a yard 18 "Talkin'" (Bee Gees hit) 23 Abel's brother 24 "Help!" 26 Big birds of Australia 27 Ephron or Dunn 28 Former talk show host 29 Rank above capt. 30 Pie mode 31 King: Sp. 33 Explosive letters 34 Not west 35 Inflict upon 37 Military lawyer, for short 38 " believe in yesterday" 39 Owns 42 Screwdriver or hammer 19 35 40 43 Big song 45 Second try at a movie script 46 Better than all the rest, in hipster-speak 47 Common spice 48 Went for the gold? 49 Handy 50 Karate studios 52 Spun records 53 "It'll be fun!" 54 Old name for Exxon 55 "For the Price of of Tea" 56 Not we 59 "May__ excused?" 60 Numero