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February 6, 1947     Chester Progressive
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February 6, 1947

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It restful nights and peacaul Ask your druggist for n hand and be next time tense to keep Lake you use trvlne 'Leo tS"ge to CALOX fQr the on }'our smiJe teorl two tcnTs t remove film.., bring out natural lustre of your ingredient in Calox ma&vage.. , tonic effect on gums Ps make them firm and your smile.., with r'u: McKess labm'atort, LINIMENT 00ick relief,oh mtactl .m exposure and put Relieve contains effec- ingredients that act itself-- Fast, .a or price .re- conomnomy size.r1.00. Athlete's Foot. common fuaJ- Makh SHIFT OF COMMANDERS WASHINGTON. -- Inside fact about the shift of U. S. commanders in Germany is that the stage was set for the change shortly after Lt. Gen. Lucius D. Clay visited the No. tional Association of Manufacturers in New York. Shortly before that, the senate war investigating committee's chief counsel, George Meader, had come back from Germany with a prelim. inary report highly critical of what went on in the U. S. OCCupation zone. General Clay, then in the United States, was upset by this report and talked to Secretary of State Byrnes about resigning. He felt that Gem Joseph McNarney, top commander of U. S. troops in Germany, was the man really responsible, although he, Clay, as head of the military govern. meat for Germany, got the blame. On top of the unfavorable Mender report, General Clay addressed a meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers and afterwards sat down at an off-the-record meet- ing of NAM leaders including some of the top moguls of American in. dustry. Their solution for the future of Germany was simple They told Clay that they should be Permitted to get in touch with their opposite numbers in German industry -- the big industrialists who helped build up Hitler's war machine. If allowed to do business with the German cartels, the U. S. indus- trialists told Clay, they would have Germany back on its feet in no time. This sbocked General Clay. He said he would retire from the army immediately if any such deal was carried out. He warned that the Ger- man people did not believe in or understand free enterprise and that Germany could only continue under strong government controls. CAPITAL CHAFF The RFC apparently thinks that the Germans are a better risk than veterans' housing. It will advance about 3 billion dol- lars to rebuild Germany during the next three years, but was afra':d of losing money on Wil- son Wyatt's prefabricated hous- ing for veterans .... Wyatt, ex- mayor of Louisville, passed out golden keys to the city of Louis- ville to guests he invited to a farewell party .... No wonder John L. Lewis is hard luck for labor. He's the "13th" vice president of the A. F. of L. AIRLINE DYNAMITE The dynamite now exploding in- side Trans World Airlines between Jack Frye, its president, and How- ard Hughes, its chief stockholder, has caused members of the civil aeronautics board to begin some careful probing of the aviation in- dustry. Their pr0be indicates that things aren't going anywhere nearly as well as the airline ballyhoo indi- cates. 'Among other things, six companies operated in the red dur!ng the first nine months of 1946--TWA, Colonial, Chicago and Southern, Northeast- ern, Pennsylvania-Central and West- ern. Furthermore, the airlines have over-ordered new planes to such an extent that they will never be able to use more than a fraction of the planes supposed to be delivered. For instance, the present fleet of Simple Styled Daytime Dress Concrete Floors Increase Profits Faster Gains and Feet Savings Prove Result: By W. J. DRYDEN Faster gains and the saving of feed are the aims of every hog rais- er. Among the most essential farm improvements that may bring these results are concrete feeding floors. Such floors help produce more pork and save feed from being lost in the mud. Each hog should have 10 square feet of floor space. To build 100 square feet of floor, 4 inches thick, it I 8097 36-52 A NARROW harmonizing bind- ing makes a nice finish on this simple styled daytime dress in the larger size range. The flat- tering panelled skirt is beloved by all women and goes together eas- fly and quickly. You'll wear it will take 7//2 sacks of portland ce- everywhere with pride now through meat, 3/4 cubic yard of sand and 1 Sprilag. cubic yard of gravel or crushed I rock. ' Pattern No. 807 is* fo sizes 36, 38, 40. ' 2, 44, 46, 48, 50 and 52. Size 38 requires If the area to be paved is poorly iV- yards of 35 or 39-inch; 4t,/ yards of drained, it is best to place the con- tinding. cret slab on a well-tamped fill of about six inches. If the concrete is to be driven over, it shoulct be six inches thick. New concrete should be properly cured by coverirg with earth or straw as soon as it has hardened Name- enough not to be marred, and then Address ept moist for at least five days by frequerrt sprinkling. KNOW YOUR DREED Morocco Spotted Horse By W. J. DRYDEN The Morocco horse originated in the crossbreeding of the Morocco Barb and the English Hackney and the French coach horse. The conformation of the Morocco Barb is somewhat similar to the Arabian horse. In size the Morocco varies from 1,050 to 1,400 pounds. It is a genera] purpose horse, bred for work as and qJow00 7A. 5avgu00 Relieved in 5 minutes or double your money bak When ex eeem stomach acid canoes painful, suffocat- big gas, sour stomach and heartburn doctors usually prescribe the fastest-acting medielnes known for symptomatic relief-- medicines like thosein Bell-ans Tablets. No laxative. Bell-ans brings comfort in a jiffy or double your money back on return of bottle to tin. 25n at alldruKgista. Ideal type of Morocco spotted horse. ! well as pleasure. The working team ! is fast and steady, and has consider- able stamina. They have the power SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 709 Mission St., San Francisco, Calif. Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No. Size----- Royal Jupiter, Grand Champion, 1946 in- tnrnationalLivesfock Exposition. was put'- chased by Firestone to be exhibited to tha farmers of Amorica on a 22,000-mile educa- tional tour. T I.OYAL JUPITER, Grand Champion steer at the 1946 International Livestock civil planes has a capacity of 15 to reproduce themselves true to type billion seat miles annually. Hewer- and color even when used with oth- er, when the planes now on order er colors and breeds. are delivered, capacity will be 41 To be registered they must stand billion passenger seat miles. 14:2 hands high. Type must be This is in contrast to the fact that clean and neat with ample legs tc he planes now on hand are I00 per i be suitable for either saddle or hat- cent in excess of the passengers now carried. Result is many unpubli- cized cancellations. One of the most disquieting situations is the fact that TWA has placed large orders with Lockheed, and heavy cancellation would deal Lockheed a tough blo PACIFIC MERRY-GO-ROUND Best way to gain popularity in the Far East today is to take along a supply of Roosevelt dimes. Congressional travelers retmned from China and the Pa- cific islands report that these were the most welcome gifts they could make to native digni. taries .... First general election in history of the Truk island group in the Pacific was held in January. Island chieftains and officials for the entire groul were chosen. Heretofore these offices have been hereditary .... mong the voters were man who have lived under Spanish, German and Japanese control. This was their first election. Schools and colleges may come ahead of veterans M getting surplus war property for educational uses, according to a plan now under'con- sideration at the White House. At present veterans get first crack at typewriters, adding machines and all other types of equipment--and when the vats are through there isn't much left for the states, schools an colleges. This problem recently was placed before the President by e,:.-Sen. Joseph Rosier of West Vir- ginia. hess. Telling Sheep Age By Teeth Diagrams The age of sheep up to four years can be determined easily by exam- ining the teeth. The mouths of sheep are equipped with a full set of 24 molar teeth on both upper and lower LA/ YEAeLfN, A ruez V^R r jaws. In adtition to these eight in- cisor teeth are provided along the [rent of the lower jaw. . The chart designed by University of Alberta should prove an accurate guide in determining or estimating the age of sheep. Alfalfa Seed Yield t increased With DDT Alfalfa seed plots at the Utah sta- tion dusted with DDT to control :tygus bugs produced 400 pounds of seed per acre--fields not dusted pro- duced less than 100 pounds. Until DDT became available, no insecticide had been found that ould control these insects at a cost hat was economically feasible. The fasts proved that DDT offers prom. ise of greatly increasing seed pro- dnetinn hv control of h,:us bus. POUT putts lI.As00[S Exposition, best shows today's demand in beef cattle. And on American farms, the New Firestone Champion Ground Grip is the Champion among tractor tires. As the Champion, this new tractor fire cleans up to 100% more effectively... pulls up to 62%more attho drawbar... lasts up to 91% longer . . . and rides smoother on the highway. There are sound reasons for this[ The curved traction bars flare outward from the center, making a wider opening at the shoulder from which mud and trash fall easily. The connected bars take a powerful "center bite" in the heart of the traction zone. The extra-deep, pyramid-like curved traction bars cut sharply into the ground with a cleaving action. The extra height, plus buttressing at the base" and Triple.Bracing near the center, give the bars greater strength and stability. Con tinuous bars give tke Champion smoother contact with the highwa.., lengthen tire llfe. When you order tractor tires, or a traco tor, ask your Implement Dealer, Firestone Dealer Store, or Firestone Dealer to gpecify Firestone Champion Ground Grips.  WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET lirtstone has prCpm'ed n beautifully iUu$- trated 16-PaSe booklet which tells in detail how Roy )upiter was fitted and shown m the Grand Championship of the 1946 Inter. national Livestock Expitio.n..To receive your free copy, clip and matt this coupon \\; today. THE FIRESTONE TIRE . RUBBER CO. 1200 F|rmtone Parkway, Akron i7. Ohto Pleme sead me ft py O "lyal JupittGzaad Champloa,'" City ................................................. ,....,3...,....., ...... i mummmmmmm