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January 21, 2015     Chester Progressive
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January 21, 2015

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8B Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 7B about this pipeline. So, what are the facts of this pipeline? Basically, a Canadian company, TransCanada, wants to build a pipeline from Alberta, Canada, through the United States to the Gulf Coast. This pipeline will transport Alberta's extremelypolluting tar sands heavy crude oil. This heavy crude being transported to the Gulf Coast is Canada's oil that will then be sold on the open market. The profits go to Canada and the Koch brothers who own the refining capacity. This is simply a construction project, and yes, a few thousand workers will be temporarily employed [not 42,000 as Sen. John Barrasso, (R-Wyo.) on "Meet the Press" lied about]. And after it is built, a whopping 35 permanent jobs will be created. This tar sands crude oil is the most toxic and damaging oil on the planet. Scientists say that burning this high-carbon oil will be the final straw for global warming/climate change. This oil is also the hardest to clean up (if that is even possible). There are always pipeline spills. This pipeline passes over the Ogallala aquifer that provides irrigation and water for millions of Americans. If this toxic oil pollutes the aquifer, millions will be displaced and goodbye Great Plains agriculture (and the food it produces). So why are the Republicans and a few fake Democrats pushing for this pipeline? First, Republicans and some Democrats care only about the rich and their money. Our Congress is bribed dearly for their votes. Second, they couldn't care less what damage they do to the environment. Our Congress and their America and Americans expendable. Mike Mihevc Graeagle Immigration problem It seems strange that with the topic of immigration being all over the news, worldwide, nationally, statewide and locally, it is rare, if ever, that anyone mentions a reason or a cause. One letter in last week's paper claimed that "our southern border is purposefully left like Swiss cheese." I'm aware that immigration is a complex issue. You can judge for yourselves if what I present is relevant as a cause of the "immigration problem." For many years it was a standard practice for the personnel officer or the ranch foreman to always leave their reading glasses at home. In this manner a prospective employee could hold out even a blank piece of binder paper, and the officer or the foreman would inevitably answer, "Well that sure looks like a valid green card to me, you can start right here." Gene Nielsen Crescent Mills Frog discussion We noticed the recent outpouring of interest in the yellow-legged frog and would like to start a dialog about endangered species in general, the yellow-legged frog specifically and the overall well-being of Plumas County. We are told that between 200 and 2,000 species go extinct every day. We have no desire to add the yellow-legged frog to that regrettable fate. On the other hand, the Plumas County Homo sapiens are going extinct (departing our county) at the approximate rate of one per day. This is being exacerbated by such episodes as the recent cancellation of the Lost Sierra scheduled for September. The cancellation was not caused by the frog. It was caused by the inflexibility -- dysfunction? -- of our Forest Service and our Department of Fish and Wildlife. You can read about it i.n the Jan. 14 edition of this newspaper. Two hundred twenty-two participated in the run last year. More were expected this year. If each participant were to bring one friend, husband, wife, whatever, that's nearly 500 people that won't be enriching our county this September by staying in our motels, eating in our restaurants. We submit, for your consideration, and comments, that the cause for this cancellation is both inexcusable and unacceptable. We are asking every concerned citizen, including Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife personnel, to participate. Please address your comments in the form of a letter to the editor. Thank you for your interest and participation. John Olofson Graeagle Still providing services .I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the level of services provided by the Western Sierra Medical Clinic in Downieville. As of Jan. 1, we remain open five days a week, though we only have a medical provider there four of the five days. For after hours, people can continue to access Western Sierra Medical Center medical providers by phone as they have before. For emergencies, it is best to call 911 to get immediate care. We also will announce extended hours of care for seasonal increases in the volume of visitors to the community, special events and the like. corporate masters consider Endurance Run originally As we go forward, Western "We stopped in to test drive a Jeep and met Brian Rudd. I .i He was very patient and helpful and seemed to know exactly I .i what we were looking for. Brian and all the staff made our car-buying experience a real pleasure." . : -Mike and Marlene Smith HRY.~LEF~ Sierra Medical Center will continue to work with community members, and local and county officials to develop strategies for funding and meeting the health care needs of our rural residents. Cheryl Rubin Western Sierra Medical Center Grass Valley LaMalfa betrayed us To my conservative friends, Doug LaMalfa betrayed you. Members of the House were threatened by John Boehner if they didn't return him to the speaker's job. LaMalfa, along with Nancy Pelosi, will vote for the old guard in true regimental fashion. So, LaMalfa once again genuflects before Boehner and kisses his ring, dispelling.any hope of statesman like credibility. Republicans in name only (RINOs) were told they would not receive pork money for their district. Also, any future campaign monies for their own races would be cut by the "party" if they didn't march with Boehner. RINOs screwed their conservative base for pork. A note for Mr. LaMalfa: conservatives are not forgetful, nor ignorant. There are more qualified candidates in our future. Here is what happened in Washington, D.C. To appease the tea party populace, Boehner allowed thb vote to go as far as it did, just enough lost votes to appease tea party conservatives. They allowed members in some districts to abstain and others to vote against the Boehner, but not enough to remove him as speaker. The establishment RINO Republicans in the GOP still run the shop. The sad news from all this: there aren't enough honest conservatives to face up to the executive branch. Let's hope the remaining tea party conservatives in Congress will stand their ground. LaMalfa's betrayal of his constituency will not be forgotten. When he failed to help Eastern Plumas Health Care, I thought that might be an accident by his staff. His vote for Boehner was no accident. I have accused Doug LaMalfa of questionable leadership. I could have said he had no business being in public off'me or that he is a weak, arrogant, self-serving buffoon who hasn't lived up to the high standards of public leadership. For that slip of the tongue I am truly sorry. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Police need training In response to Greg Knight's Jan. 7 editorial, converting relatively insignifmant differences between statistics from one year to the next in terms of percentages, in a population so vast in comparison, is called intellectual dishonesty. Comparing just two adjacent years of statistics out of decades worth is likewise dishonest. Even more dishonest is for a journalist to make such a big deal out of what are actually much improved numbers from only a couple of decades ago without making note of the fact that there is no way to know how many citizens, unarmed or not, criminal or not, are killed by cops every year. There is a law on the books since the '70s mandating police to keep such statistics. It's been ignored since the moment it was signed. The problems between the public and the police are due almost entirely to the police acting in bad faith. Prosecutors pulling legal tricks never before seen are part of the same club, along with the judges. When cops screw up, they don't go to jail -- they don't even get tried, and that's what angers people of conscience. If the police wish to be seen as honorable, then they should quit being such cowards. They should take their lumps when they deserve them, refuse to participate in any cover-ups, and just stop lying. Of course, that's as likely as criminals not shooting cops. It's become obvious what the real problem is. Cops are just plain afraid of black men. Absolutely petrified. Some serious retraining is the solution. Making life less miserable for the least among us, rather than demonizing them, would go a long way toward alleviating the whole situation. Selling loosies isn't a job one usually chooses freely. Gary Terhune East Quincy DERUITER, from page 7B documented the extinction of a species that wasn't caused by humans. Sure, we know about extinctions from the Cretaceous and Permian extinctions, but we didn't witness them like we did that of the passenger pigeon (overexploitation) or Chinese river dolphin (habitat destruction) or Hawaiian honeycreepers (disease: avian malaria). Wind, Fire or have you Need Help? we have worked with homeowners and insurance companies for almost 30 years. We will work with your insurance company to make sure your home is repaired the right way the first time. Call: CONSTRUCTION SINCE 1984 ~- General Building Contractor Calif. Lic. #453927 (530) 283-2035 Not eligible for Multi-Sport Pack. All offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification. ACT NOW AND ALSO GET: PREMIUM CHANNELS for months Offer subject to change based on premium channel availability, t BUNDLE AND SAVE WITH DISH + ASk hOw you can save $10/mo. WITH DISHNET HIGH-SPEED INTERNET All offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification, The sixth mass extinction is negatively affecting every class of animals, and for amphibians it is the most severe. Frogs, toads and salamanders have been around for about 350 million years, surviving the Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous mass extinctions. Currently, 41 percent of amphibians, 25 percent of mammals, 22 percent of reptiles, 15 percent offish and 13 percent of birds are threatened with extinction. That's a total of 19 percent of all vertebrate species. We are impoverishing our planet. The economics of the thing The newspaper has focused a lot on economic impacts of listing mountain yellow-legged frogs as endangered, and the cancellation of the Lost Sierra Endurance Run is a significant economic hit. It seems like solutions could have been found, whether it be a campaign to raise the $6,186 fee or a minor rerouting of the race. Regardless, there are higher moral imperatives than economics when it comes to protecting species. Even the Roman Catholic Church, not exactly a liberal bastion, calls for ecological responsibility and "respecting each of God's creatures" (Pope Francis, March 19, 2013). But if economics is the only way you value something, consider this: how many biologists, field technicians and other support personnel are making a steady paycheck because of the yellow-legged frog? These are people who live in our communities, buy or rent houses, spend money day in and day out. They aren't transient tourists. Why should I care? There are always arguments to be made about the many benefits of biodiversity for humans. Medical, pharmaceutical, crops, petroleum substitutes and ecosystem services are just some of anthropocentric reasons to care. For me, I care about biodiversity because I want to live on a planet that contains its full variety of life, in all its forms -- including the native frogs that belong in our little wilderness -- because one expression of humanity is humility. When I was born in the mid-1960s, there were half as many humans on the planet as there are today. We are living in a time when humans are taking up every corner of Earth, using every resource and spewing our pollution precariously into the soil, water and air. We are more technologically advanced than ever before. But what makes us human is not our computers and cellphones, but our emotions. Humility is one of those emotions. Humility is born of love. I love this planet Earth and the expression of diverse life upon it. I do not believe that we humans should behave as the superior conquerors of other humans or other life forms. I would never wish for the extinction of a native species in 2015; it's not within my worldview. I wish for health, diversity of life and a little humility for us all. Darla DeRuiter, who has a doctora te in human dimensions of wildlff~ is an associate professor of environmental studies at Feather River College. LET US SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY REACH 75+ MILLION READERS WITH ONE ORDER, ONE BILL! 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RETAiL 9827_11369 Request for Bids Plumas County Public Works/Road Dept. are accepting RFB for: Tires --Due Feb. 19, 2015 @ 3:00 PM Carbide Cutting Edges -- Due Feb. 19, 2015 @ 3:30PM Tire Chains -- Due Feb. 19, 2015 @ 4:00 PM For more information and bid packets log on to: http://www,